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Reasons to Buy Property in Bursa

Bursa is a city located in the southern Marmara Region of Turkey. The city is surrounded by the Marmara Sea and Yalova from the north, Kocaeli and Sakarya from the northeast, Bilecik from the east, and Kütahya and Balıkesir from the south.

The city’s history as a settlement goes as back as 5200 BC. The city, also known as “Prusa” and “Hüdavendigar”, has seen the rules of Greeks, Bithynians, and Romans throughout its long history. It also served as a capital for Ottomans for 28 years, and as a major commercial center until the fall of Ottomans.

The city remained to be one of the major production centers after the establishment of the Turkish Republic as well. Nowadays, Bursa is the fourth largest city in Turkey in terms of population and economy owing to its well-developed structure. The city is home to many renowned schools and universities, prominent hospitals, factories, and local and international companies.

Bursa is well-known for its massive industrial production. The city accommodates the factories of many international companies like worldwide known automotive brands, electrical appliance brands, beverage brands, and many more. The city also maintains its position as a major silk and textile producer as it was in the old times.

As a result of it being a production center, Bursa has a very developed infrastructure and a wide range of transportation options. This makes investing in Bursa very profitable. It also makes living in Bursa quite comfortable as well.

Although Bursa draws lots of attention owing to its massive production capacity, this is not the sole reason. Bursa holds great potential for winter, culture, and health tourism as well. The city is one of the charming places to appreciate the rich cultural and historical background of Anatolia.

Rich cultural heritage residing in Bursa attracts millions of visitors every year. Bursa Grand Mosque, Orhan Gazi Mosque, Bayezid I Mosque, Hüdavendigar Mosque, Koca Sinan Paşa Mosque, Koza Han, İpek Han, Bursa Castle, and Irgandı Bridge are only some of the historic monuments in Bursa.

The city, known as “Green Bursa”, is also home to many natural beauties as well. Uludağ National Park, botanical gardens, sandy beaches, and hot springs are some of them. Skiing is also a popular leisure activity in this city. You can visit the very impressive 600 years old tree İnkaya Sycamore as well.

Bursa is also home to some of the most prominent universities in Turkey. The students coming from all over Turkey to study make this already dynamic city much more lively. The buoyant economy of the city influences the real estate market as well.

Bursa’s Real Estate Market Become More and More Lively Each Day

As we have mentioned above, Bursa is a city of industrial production, tourism, and education. This makes Bursa the perfect place to make a real estate investment. No matter which type, buying property in Bursa is always going to be profitable. For instance; the demand for commercial properties in Bursa is never ceasing, so investing in a commercial property in Bursa would be a great choice.

If you want to buy a property to make an investment, another great and even more profitable option would be investing in lands. Although Bursa has a very convenient climate for agricultural production, the number of agricultural lands is limited due to high industrialization. This makes agricultural lands in Bursa very valuable.

Agricultural production might be the very first option that comes to mind when talking about investing in lands but it’s not the sole option. As Bursa is an ever-growing city, the demand for commercial and residential properties always increases. You can make a great profit by using lands for sale in Bursa for residential and commercial property construction.

The most abundant types of properties in Bursa are residential properties. You can easily find lots of apartments, villas, and detached houses everywhere in Bursa.

Properties for Sale in BursaWhere to Find Real Estate for Sale in Bursa?

Bursa is a metropol city consisting of 17 districts. While it’s possible to find all types of real estate everywhere in Bursa, certain types of real estate can be more easily found in certain districts. Let’s examine them together;

• Gemlik: Gemlik is one of the coastal districts of Bursa. The district is located in the northeastern part of the city. The district is renowned for its black olives and industrial port. Gemlik’s scenery mostly consists of low-rise modern buildings and detached houses. It’s one of the places in Bursa where you can lead a comfortable and peaceful life on the shores of the Marmara Sea.

• Karacabey: Karacabey is a coastal district of Bursa located in the western part of the city. Karacabey neighbors Nilüfer and Mudanya, two of the liveliest districts in Bursa, from the west. The district lying on the shores of the Marmara Sea offers its inhabitants magnificent sea, Uluabat Lake, and forest views. In this district, you can easily find luxurious detached houses for a more private and serene lifestyle.

• Kestel: Kestel is one of the inland and metropolitan districts of Bursa. Kestel Castle built by Byzantines is the very first thing that catches attention in this district. While the district offers all amenities you would expect from a metropol, it also offers a serene atmosphere surrounded by nature. You can find all types of properties from apartments to villas.

• Mudanya: Mudanya is a lovely coastal district of Bursa located only 30 km away from the city center. Mudanya is where people choose to spend their vacations in Bursa. Hence it’s the very first place to look for sea view villas for sale in Bursa.

The district has very beautiful scenery consisting of the Marmara Sea and lots of greenery. The lovely district also has a historical atmosphere with many traditional houses from the Ottoman era and churches from the Byzantine era.

• Nilüfer: Nilüfer is one of the inland and metropolitan districts of Bursa. It’s one of the main residential development areas and is considered to be one of the major centers of industrial production in the city. Uludağ University, one of the most prominent universities in Turkey also lies in the district. The district offering all kinds of amenities is one of the most comfortable places to settle in Bursa.

As it is one of the highly-industrialized districts of Bursa, Nilüfer is the 3rd largest district in terms of population. This results in high demand for apartments. Whether you want to settle in permanently or make a real estate investment, Nilüfer is one of the best places to buy apartment in Bursa. There is also a wide variety of commercial properties in this lively region.

• Osmangazi: Osmangazi is also one of the inland and metropolitan districts of Bursa. It is also the largest district in Bursa in terms of population. The district’s scenery has been shaped by Byzantines, Seljuks, and Ottomans and attracts lots of visitors every year. There is approximately 1800 historical building in the district.

Osmangazi District is also one of the major centers of industrial production in the city along with Nilüfer District. The lively district offers many job and investment opportunities. As a result of this apartments and commercial properties are the type of properties you can find abundantly in this district.

If you have more questions on the property buying process in Bursa or want to buy property in Bursa, contact us without hesitation!

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