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Apartments for Sale in Bursa | Flats in BursaBursa Homes ® offers properties for sale in Bursa Turkey with its wide portfolio range. You can check our best portfolio list for every budget and request on our daily updated website.

Overview of having an apartment in Bursa Turkey and the advantages of living there

Today, Bursa has become one of the most important destinations for tourism, housing, and investment, and it offers a mixture of modern and urban life while preserving its intertwining and union with nature. New projects, in many places in Bursa, offer many apartment options for those looking for a home or real estate for various purposes, and they also offer good options for people with medium and limited incomes. One of the most popular properties is the apartments for sale in Bursa Turkey.

Some of the advantages of buying apartments in Bursa lies in the area and the nature of life in it in general, such as the wonderful mix between rural and city life, various types of life facilities, natural life, highways, and its proximity to the historical capital Istanbul. Easily another, it comes from modern urban projects and the facilities provided in the facilities, speed of completion, quality, diversity of sizes, designs, and styles. On the other hand, this city offers different and varied investment opportunities.

The best places to search for flats for sale in Bursa Turkey

Mudanya: The town provides all amenities and facilities and excellent transportation links. A coastal region in the Marmara Sea, Mudanya enjoys a distinctive lifestyle throughout the year and bustles with life during the summer.

From May to October, life centers around a length of 45 kilometers. That's why many people from different places own apartments in Mudanya to use as vacation homes.

Mudanya is only a 25-minute drive from the center, and Istanbul can be reached in just an hour and a half by ferry route. Looking for flats for sale in Bursa, Mudanya is a good option for having a good life near the beach. Because it has five beautiful beaches to spend the summer.

Osman Ghazi: It is a large and important district, comprising 83 neighborhoods and 32 rural villages. The real estates in Bursa, Osman Ghazi are preferrable also for being the heart of the city. Uludag Mount viewings with a height of 2,543 feet add to the significance of the area; Especially as it is a prominent ski center in Turkey.

Simplicity The area with its many historical Ottoman landmarks such as old markets, mosques, Turkish baths, and traditional fountains. In 2008 Demirtaş district joined Osmangazi district with its rapid population growth.

Apartments for Sale in Bursa | Flats in BursaOne of the most important future projects in the region is Demirtaş Square and Cultural Center, which is a green area with walking paths, shopping centers, exhibition halls, and social facilities. Also, the main bus station in Bursa is located in the OsmanGazi district Which helped in facilitating the movement of residents of the region to the other cities, especially Istanbul.

All real estate types are available in Bursa today, you can check our lists to find your best property. For example, you can check the list of bursa houses for sale. Where you get the most important details about projects, general details, with housing units for apartments and complexes, services and availability of the residential units, and information about its location.

If you would like to get more details about the properties you're looking at, you can use the request for more details form listed on the same page, or you can contact the sales manager, using our more details that appear on the screen. If you are already in Bursa, you can contact us to make an appointment to check many options through a viewing tour with us.

If you live abroad and want to invest in Turkish real estate, we provide buying trips, and we are in the process of buying your property or business for sale in bursa turkey.

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