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Today, Bursa Homes offers many options of apartments for sale in Yalova. Yalova is located in the Marmara region, a favorite and strategic city near Istanbul, Bursa, and Kocaeli. It is an area with many advantages in terms of business, economy, real estate, and transportation. Yalova is a beautiful city where tourism is active throughout the year.

The recently completed bridge and highway projects have increased the attractiveness, value, and prosperity of the region. As real estate in Yalova is witnessing a noticeable increase in parallel with the general growth and development of the city, the demand for new apartments is rising, and this in turn is pushing for more urban development. Bursa Homes offers you professional advice with a wide range of apartment options to help you find apartments in Yalova with an outstanding level of customer service.

Bursa Homes Real Estate is the realization of most people's dream of living in Yalova, where the spirit of nature and heritage meet. We help you not only to buy an apartment in Yalova but to get the perfect life in the desired location. It offers you many great offers within a wide range of options in apartments for sale in Yalova to fulfill your dream of living in Yalova.

Prices of Apartments in Yalova

Apartments for Sale in Yalova | Flats in YalovaAfter 1999, the region witnessed many positive developments in the field of economy, transportation, and services. Earthquake-resistant buildings were constructed and low-rise styles were adopted, unlike the old high-rise buildings.

All of the advanced development projects in addition to the strategic location, climate, and tourism have affected the rise in real estate prices in Yalova. So that Yalova is witnessing an increase in demand due to its proximity to large cities such as Istanbul, Bursa, and Kocaeli.

Yalova has many tourist advantages such as hot springs, the sea, skiing, and nature, which stimulate the real estate market. Thus, Yalova became a destination for local and foreign peoples in a short time. Due to these reasons, the demand for real estate in Yalova is also constantly increasing with the increase in prices.

Yalova is a unique city that combines the beauty of elegant beaches, healing hot springs, ski resorts, tranquil nature, and authentic historical character, in addition to a huge transportation network that directly connects to large cities. Yalova is a city that satisfies all tastes with such attractive features that it has become one of the most desirable cities in Turkey, and it is not surprising that its real estate market is constantly developing.

When Buying an Apartment

There are many factors to consider when buying an apartment in Yalova. These include determining apartment standards, servicing the area with transportation, quality of the title deed, prices of apartments in the area, calculating changes in value over time, heating and insulation, environmental friendliness, earthquake resistance, etc. Therefore, specialist support must be obtained to correctly identify and verify these factors. As Bursa Homes, we offer you professional advice from our team of experts.

The Growing Interest of Tourists and Foreigners

Yalova is an ideal place for tourism, in addition to being an ideal place for permanent living as well. In recent years, Yalova has become one of the most preferred cities by foreigners. Where the city was a destination for the Russians, the English, and the Germans. And in recent years, Arabs began to take an interest in Yalova. As the number of people living in it is constantly increasing because many Arab foreign expatriates especially prefer to buy an apartment or villa in Yalova.

There are 6 regions in Yalova with similar features. However, when considering real estate, the most preferred areas are Cinarcik and Termal. These areas boast natural beauty such as hot springs, beaches, and ski resorts.

When we think about all these factors, Yalova is considered to be a heaven for foreign and Turkish investors. Bursa Homes works with the best companies that build and implement projects according to the latest standards and adhere to earthquake resistance regulations.

We guide you to find the best choices of Yalova apartments in terms of quality and high features.

Kadikoy, Ciftlikoy, Cinarcik, and Termal are the most preferred areas in Yalova in terms of real estate. These areas have become pioneers in investment and tourism opportunities in all seasons.

Apartments for Sale in Yalova | Flats in YalovaKadikoy boasts its location close to Bursa-Uludag Ski Resort, İzmit Bay Bridge, and Sabiha Gokcen International Airport. Kadikoy is an area in the middle of green nature. The area hosts sports such as trekking and camping.

Ceftlikoy is a village of forests and cherry orchards in Yalova. The area has a wonderful promenade, beaches, and picnic areas ideal for living.

Cinarcik boasts the best beaches in the city and is famous for its nightlife. Çınarcık receives many tourists, especially in the summer.

Termal is famous for its natural hot springs, where people come for tourism, recreation, and healing in this region.

Bursa Homes provides commercial properties for sale in Yalova for investment as well. This area offers fast and good returns for investors.

Yalova is an ideal choice for living and investment.

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