Tekce Overseas proudly presents Tekce Visa, an international legal consultancy agency that offers expertise for citizenship and residency permit applications, the law of succession or the law of obligations, and company establishment in 5 countries.

What is Tekce Visa?

Tekce Visa is a legal consultancy agency that is established under the roof of Tekce Overseas. The professional team of Tekce Overseas, an international company with 20 years of experience in investment consultancy for residence and citizenship, brings their expertise to the table as a one-stop consultancy agency.Tekce Visa logo

What Does Tekce Visa Offer?

Tekce Visa operates in 5 countries: Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Montenegro, and North Cyprus with extensive services from cases related to the law of obligations to residence permits. Here is the list of quality services by Tekce Visa:

Citizenship applications: Are you looking for ways to apply for Turkish citizenship by investment? Or do you consider talking to second citizenship consultants to get proper advice on how to follow your dreams? You’re at the right place. Tekce Visa offers consultancy services in Turkey, Spain, Montenegro, and Portugal.
Residence permit applications: Foreigners need a residence permit to live in a country for more than the given period. The professional legal team of Tekce Visa also offers consultancy services in the field such as for Spanish residency by investment or for the acquisition of a Golden Visa in Spain by investment.
• Legal consultancy services: Do you have concerns about how to deal with juridical procedures and what to do when it comes to legal transactions? Nothing to worry about, the lawyers of Tekce Visa with broad experience will be there to assist you on each step, even manage the whole process on your behalf with a power of attorney.
• Company establishment in Turkey: Are you expanding your company to Turkey or establishing a new one? The professionals of Tekce Visa have vast knowledge and experience in company dissolution and launching a company in Turkey.

Why Work With Tekce Visa?

Tbusiness people hand shakinghe answer is simple: Carry out all your legal transactions smoothly with no risk or failure.

Tekce Visa was built piece by piece with the vast knowledge and experience of its founders, Mr. Bayram Tekçe, the Chairman of Tekce Overseas, and Özkan Tekçe, the Operation Director of Tekce Overseas.

With the high demand in recent years for immigration movements throughout the world, foreigners started to look at new places where they can live their best lives. And Tekce Visa aims to make its customers’ dreams come true by simplifying the bureaucratic procedures and handling all processes on their behalf, since the legal transactions may be a bit complicated and require familiarity.

Thanks to their nearly 20 years of experience in the field as real estate investment consultants, the experts of Tekce Visa have full knowledge of the subjects. They are familiar with all kinds of mistakes that can be made, misconceptions, pitfalls to avoid, and any possible outcome of any failure an applicant may encounter. Tekce Visa’s professional legal team operates with great knowledge that comes from hundreds of experiences and awareness of all possibilities.

Tekce Visa brings the most experienced and well-trained professionals together, just to make sure that all procedures go smoothly without any failure. The solicitors and all legal advisors of Tekce Visa speak more than 20 languages so that they can capture every single detail a customer wants and needs. While working with Tekce Visa, you are assured that you will be understood correctly.

The consultants of Tekce Visa under the roof of Tekce Overseas have successfully completed hundreds of legal procedures without any failure. There is nothing a power of attorney cannot overcome. By working with Tekce Visa, you will get a chance to enjoy starting an exciting journey in comfort, without needing to deal with time-consuming and complicated transactions.

Explore the quality services of Tekce Visa by visiting https://tekcevisa.com/ and feel free to contact our experts to take the first step into your new life.