The city of Bursa has long beaches and a quality coastline. That’s why it is among the best cities to buy seaside property near the Marmara Sea. Bursa has 135 km of coastline. This long coastline hosts many beaches, opportunities for water sports, and many more.

Bursa real estate market in 2023 is expected to be an ideal period for investors. You may buy property in Bursa and benefit from high-income potential. If you are looking for more investment value or better living quality, seaside properties are more advantageous. So, let’s start with the best beaches in Bursa.

Which Are The Best Beaches in Bursa?

To get directly on topic; Paşa Beach, Kumla Beach, and Kurşunlu Beach are considered the top three beaches in Bursa. But there are many more available in this beautiful city of Bursa.

Bursa Paşa Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Bursa.In general, we can divide beaches in two. These are Free beaches and paid beaches. While both beaches offer unique Marmara Sea enjoyment, paid beaches have more amenities and services. Now, let’s check out some of the best beaches individually.

Paşa Beach

Bursa Paşa Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Bursa. It is located in the Mudanya district. The beach is paid and it offers many services and amenities. The beach has a cafe, WC, shower, and dressing cabinets, as well as DJ performances and live music at night.

Kumla Vice Beach

Bursa Kumla Beach is a paid beach located in Buyukkumla in the Gemlik district. A sandy beach, azure sea, water activities, and many more are available at Kumla Vice Beach. It is located only 8 km from the district center of Gemlik.

Kurşunlu Public Beach

Kurşunlu Public BeachBursa Kurşunlu Beach is also located in the Gemlik district. It is one of the most popular beaches in the district, especially in the summer season. It is a public beach so it is free to enter. A large number of tourists having holidays in Bursa choose this beach for tranquility.

Bonus: Korsan Liman Koyu (Pirate Port Cove)

If you are looking for a tranquil Bursa Mudanya beach in a natural area, this cove is ideal for you. It is located 21 km from the Mudanya district and 45 km from the Bursa city center. Korsan Liman Cove is considered one of the hidden gem beaches in Bursa.

There is plenty more quality and beautiful beach in Bursa. Bursa also has the nickname of “Little Istanbul”. So this fame provides Bursa Turkey beaches a high demand all year around. You may also look at others, such as Bursa Çamlık Beach.

Seaside Activities and Attractions in Bursa

There are numerous seaside activities in Bursa. The city has a long coastline that allows activities and offers numerous attractions. In Bursa, you may sunbathe, do water sports, or do diving to enjoy the beautiful Marmara Sea.

surfing is another popular seaside activity in Bursa. Bursa is a place where nature and the sea meet perfectly. There are many forests on the coastline of Bursa. It allows everybody to enjoy a picnic near the sea. Also, surfing is another popular seaside activity in Bursa. You may also have a tasty lunch at seaside restaurants in the coastal districts of the city.

Wonderful beaches and numerous amenities are only single proof of why should people buy property in Bursa. Highly developed infrastructure, a large business world, and rich amenities make Bursa one of the best cities in Turkey. Now, let’s go on with investment opportunities in Bursa, for sea view real estate.

What Are the Investment Opportunities for Seaside Properties in Bursa?

You may buy all types of sea view properties in Bursa. Thanks to high quality and increasing investment value, Bursa is a haven for real estate investors. Four districts of Bursa have direct access to the Marmara Sea. These districts are Karacabey, Mudanya, Osmangazi, and Gemlik.

These four districts provide diversity for seaside real estate options. If you are looking for a more tranquil area, you may take a look at Karacabey or Mudanya. If you are interested in more centralized areas, you may check out Gemlik and Osmangazi districts.

Each of these districts offers quality residential complexes. Whether you are looking for a detached house or an apartment in a complex, Bursa offers all. Bursa is considered the industrial capital of Turkey. So, the real estate sector is also highly developed in the city.

Where to Find the Best Affordable and Luxury Seaside Properties in Bursa?

First take a look at GemlikThere are several districts and neighborhoods with direct access to the sea in Bursa. So, you may take into consideration your budget and property purchase purpose with it. It will help you to choose your next property location easier.

First take a look at Gemlik, if you are looking for apartments for sale in Bursa sea view options. The district of Gemlik is ideal for both investment and living. It has increasing investment value. Also, the district is perfect for daily life, as it is intertwined with nature.

In Gemlik, you may find both affordable and luxury properties. There are many individual and residential projects that offer various property types. You may even find a commercial property with a sea view in Bursa.

Mudanya is a newly developing district in terms of real estate. So, you may find many new-built or off-plan properties at very affordable prices. Also, Mudanya is considered one of the best districts in Bursa to have a tranquil life.

In each district of Bursa, it is easy to access not only amenities but also other districts and surrounding cities. You may easily reach Istanbul with various transportation options from Bursa. You may use ferries, buses, or planes for transportation. Bursa is highlighted by its infrastructure in all fields.

Bursa is an ideal city to make a real estate investment in Turkey. Bursa has a real estate market consisting of numerous property options with high quality. If you are interested in making a seaside property investment in Bursa, you may contact us now. Our local experts will find the best properties meeting your all needs.