Uludag National Park is the leading center for winter sports and skiing in Turkey, Bursa. Thanks to the various activities it offers, it welcomes at least one million visitors a year.

To give brief info, it is the highest point of the Marmara Region with an altitude of 2.543 meters. Its most interesting geographical feature is the Aras Waterfalls and the glaciers at the summit.

It is located 36 km from Bursa city, Turkey, and 150 km from Istanbul. You can get there in 60 minutes by air and in 40 minutes by car from the city center. Also, it can be reached by Bursa cable car.

Things to Do in Uludag National Park

It is not only a frequent destination for ski lovers, but also for nature lovers and those who just want to witness the beauty of the city from the top. We have listed below a few activities in Uludag for all ages and tastes.

Uludag-National-ParkTurkey's First Choice for Winter Sports: Uludag Ski Resort

Uludag ski center is the first and largest resort in Turkey. It was first opened in 1961 and has been quite developed from the past to the present. It has ski runs with various slope difficulty levels and lengths. You can go skiing from 38 different tracks with a total of 19 spots.

The region also offers the option to participate in many winter activities besides skiing. Snowboarding and sledding are among the most popular activities here. But, you can also go ice skating or snowmobiling.

Short-term training is available for these sports. You do not need to buy equipment either. There are several places for renting ski equipment.

You can spend one day of your holiday on a winter safari by renting a snowmobile. As long as you pay attention to the weather conditions, you may also be allowed to trek in places that are not dangerous.

It is possible to ski on average 4 months of the year. The Uludag ski season is between December and May. Snow can be up to 4 meters in these months.

Endemic Life and Natural Attractions in Bursa Uludag

71% of the National Park is forest, 28% is meadow and rocky areas (Alpine Region), 0.4% is open areas, 0.1% is covered with water, and 0.8% is residential areas.

Thanks to this geographical structure, the national park has a rich flora consisting of Alpine and endemic plants unique to Turkey and Uludag. Approximately 700 herbaceous and stem plant species from 250 different groups can be seen in the park. 104 of them are endemic plants. It is also known that there are 46 species of butterflies in this region. One of them is endemic Apollo butterflies, which are very rare.

If you are going to Uludag by road, you can drop by Soğukpınar village at an altitude of 1000 m. It is home to the magnificent Aras Waterfall, falling from a height of 15 meters. It will impress you with its magical atmosphere.

The mountain turns into a flower paradise between May and August. So, we recommend you to see Uludag not only in winter but also in summer. You can take a forest walk to see the endemic plants up close.

Ski, Snowboard, SnowMore Than Skiing

The region performs a visual show for 12 months. Although it is more preferred for winter, the provincial administration takes the lead in various activities for summer tourism.

As a first option, you can go for forest walks as a daily activity. There are many hiking routes with varying degrees of difficulty. If your condition is not bad, you can walk around Bakacak and the glacial lakes. This route consists of 10 exercise stations arranged according to scientific and medical principles.

If you love camping, give it a try. With a capacity of 300 tents, Sarıalan Camp Daily Use Area is open to visitors with its country clubs, barracks, bungalows, gift shops, service complex, toilets, wellness track, kid playground, and mosque. With a capacity of 150 tents, Çobankaya Camp Daily Use Area is open to the public with its market, health complex, toilets, kid playground, and mosque.

Uludag is also a preferred place for mountaineering sports. Thanks to being close to major cities, such as Bursa and Istanbul, many clubs give climbing training in the region. Although Uludag has not yet fully developed, paragliding has also started in recent years. There are many areas suitable for flying in and around Bakacak at an altitude of 1700 m.

Do Nothing and Just Rest Your Mind!

If you want to have a relaxing holiday experience and do nothing, there are many luxurious hotels, facilities, and chalets. The fresh air and natural beauty make this region an ideal spot for relaxation.

You can spend peaceful moments reading a book and resting in the comfortable environment of the chalets. By watching nature through large windows, you can have a memorable holiday in the warmth of the fireplace.

If you prefer a more active stay, all-inclusive hotels offer comfortable places to relax as well as parties and festivals all day long to have fun. There are a total of 29 facilities, 14 of which are recreational facilities of official institutions and 15 of which are private tourism hotels. The total bed capacity is approximately 6400.

You can watch live broadcasts here from Uludag.

Be Even Closer to Uludag at Reasonable Prices

Wouldn't you like to be half an hour away from a natural wonder, Uludag? We talk about living in Bursa province, Turkey. Bursa was established and developed on the slopes of Uludag. Thanks to its location and the advantages it offers, it was once the first capital of the Ottoman Empire.

Now, it maintains its importance as the largest industrial city in Turkey. For example, the Automobile Museum was established in Bursa because it is the center of the automotive industry. It is also a pioneer in the field of textile and furniture industry.

The business life in this city is quite lively and diverse, and it is only 2 hours away from Istanbul and 4 hours away from Ankara, which attracts a lot of foreign investors. Because this proximity makes business connections in Istanbul and Ankara more accessible and creates a broader portfolio of investors and customers.

In parallel, properties for sale in Bursa, Turkey are valuable and offers profitable deals. If you want to make a profitable real estate investment, especially for getting citizenship in Turkey, this city promises a lot. You can buy a private garden villa in Bursa, close to Uludag, at reasonable prices.

Living close to scenic beauties, such as Uludag, has never been so affordable.