The city of industry, Bursa has a developed transportation infrastructure. The system includes an extensive network of the metro. Now, the metro is extending to a popular area, Görükle.

Metro of Bursa was Used by nearly 100 Million Passengers in 2022

The Developed Metro System of Bursa is ExtendingBursa is a unique and developed industrial city. It also has a very shiny aspect. Bursa is one of the rare industrial cities that could preserve its natural beauty. The ‘Green City’ of Bursa is using public transport to care the nature.

The metro of Bursa was started to service in 2002. The first length of the metro line was 17 kilometers. The entire system of the Bursa is called ‘BursaRay’. It is contributing largely to the Bursa line public transport. In 2022, the metro was used by nearly 100 million passengers.

Currently, the width of the Bursa subway map is 39 kilometers. The line starts from the Bursa subway stations in Kestel to Uludağ University and Emek. In addition to the metro, the city also has a tram line. These tram lines are T1 and T3 in the city center and T2 between Kent Meydanı and Terminal stations.

With these modern transportation systems, getting around Bursa by public transport is getting easier. Also, foreigners getting to Bursa are also having more comfortable travels. Now, the aim is to extend the Bursa transport map for use by students and other areas.

BursaRay is Extending to Görükle

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is working for getting around in Bursa easier. The latest line in construction is between Emek and Bursa City Hospital. The line’s construction is finishing soon. 60% of the railroad tie production and 33% of cut-and-fill is completed.

In addition to this line, which is still under construction, two stations are planned to be built in Görükle. Görükle is an area with a high student population. The main aim of this extension is to make students more easily access the university. This will also provide more value to real estate in Bursa, near the extension of the metro.

Current Metro Line of Bursa

As you may see, our Bursa Homes ® office is right at the heart of the metro line.

Why Development of Public Transportation is a Buy Property in Bursa Tip?

The Developed Metro System of Bursa is ExtendingThe developing public transportation systems always add value to the surrounding properties. Easy access is one of the main criteria for property buyers.

Bursa already has all the desired aspects. If you are asking if Bursa is worth visiting? Yes, absolutely it is. With the greenery nature, picturesque views, and amazing ski center, Bursa is suitable for all seasons.

In an important strategic location, it offers easy access to Istanbul and other major cities. It makes one of the most profitable real estate investment cities in Turkey. These features and numerously more are the reason why people buy properties in Bursa.

Bursa is for everyone. It has enclaves for retirees. These areas offer unique views and tranquil lifestyles. It has vibrant centers of attention full of opportunities. These residential centers are suitable for people who are looking for a new page in their lives.

The Green City of Bursa will continue to develop. If you are willing to invest in real estate in a vastly developing industrial city, contact our professional team now!