Turkey is considered one of the best countries to live in for numerous terms. These are generally based on the tourism category due to the rich history and unique geographical characteristics of the country. But the main characteristic of Turkey was planned as a secular, democratic, and modern country, by the founders. Especially starting from the early period of the Turkish Republic by its founder Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. The culture and history of a country show enough to understand the daily life in the country. In our blog, you may find the major explanations of why Turkey is one of the best countries to live in. Also, you will find the truths behind the well-known mistakes about Turkey.

“The Foundation of the Republic of Turkey is Culture”

Ottoman Empire had one of the first state models with a “cosmopolitan structure”. The known historical sources show that more than 60 nationalities were in the Ottoman Empire. The colorful and wide basement of the empire even drew the attention of foreign artists and writers. Such as Pierre Loti, a French writer who lived in the Ottoman Empire.people, Turkey, multicultural

Ottoman Empire and the city of Bursa had a big advantage in the middle age. The Empire had a major important part of the important trade route, the Silk Road. The Silk Road’s final destination was Bursa. So, the vibrancy in the commerce and economy led many people from different civilizations to this area to live in prosperity. Most of the Bursa’s famous places actually became popular during the Silk Road times.

The structure of the Empire was becoming anachronist in its last times. That's why the management of the country was falling down. Even in the last period of the empire, famous writers and statesmen nicknamed the Ottoman Empire “The sick man of Europe”. The adverb “of Europe” shows the Ottoman Empire was a part of European society and modernity, even at its worst times.

Turkey: A Country Established with the Aim of Spreading Peace

After the first world war, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his team decided to establish a new country. His main aim was to renovate this anachronic structure with the new, secular, modern, and democratic visions of the new world. The first parliament of Turkey was opened on 23 April 1920. Atatürk decided to give this day as a gift to all children in the world. So every year 23rd of April is getting celebrated as National Independence and Children’s Day in Turkey and specific countries.

Atatürk’s main aim was to found an “International Society”. This society would not include only men but all elements of society such as women and children.

Atatürk also decided to give the day that the Independence War of Turkey was started as a gift to the youth. Atatürk foresees the youth of the country as the future of the country. So, every year 19th May is celebrated as “Youth and Sports Day”. Turkey is also one of the first countries that gave the right to women to elect and be elected.

On 29 October 1923, the Republic of Turkey was founded. As the famous quote by Atatürk; “Peace at home, peace in the world”. All residents are counted as Turk, without separating by their color, ethnicity, or religion. They built a peaceful state without separation, racism, or lack of law. Every year, the 29th of October is getting celebrated as Republic Day.

At that time, most of the countries were ruled by monarchs or despots. But the founding team of the country decided to make Turkey a democratic and secular state based on socialism. Atatürk and the founding members had the “International Society” approach in both the domestic policy and international arena.

Peace, equality, democracy, socialism, populism, secularism, and reformism were the main principles of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. He granted all these beautiful and mindful perspectives to the country. That’s why he is a very unique person in the both 20th century and all of world history.

Is Modern and Developed Turkey Best Country to Live in?

With its cosmopolitan basement, Turkey is one of the ideal countries to live in as a foreigner. As a social state, Turkey has a secular composition of being open to all ideas, lifestyles, religions, races, and colors. The main source of famous Turkish hospitality is not giving any harm or separating other people because of their innate traits.

As mentioned before, Turkey is a social state that offers education and health services for free. The modernization of the country in recent years started with the opening of new and contemporary medical centers and hospitals. As well as modern buildings and infrastructure, the healthcare system in Turkey is developing. The developments get faster as education gains higher levels on international platforms. Even for healthcare tourism, Turkey is among the most preferred ones with the high-quality at lower prices.

Turkey is a large country. It consists of 81 cities. So, spreading the official services to all of these cities can be hard. The infrastructure has to be started with modern solutions. The new highway system of Turkey helped to become one of the most well-developed countries in terms of transportation. Transportation is also an important advantage of the country for potential buyers. Buyers ask themselves why should I buy property in Turkey and the transportation can be effective in their choice.People, hands, Turkey

The Republic of Turkey sat in the basement of the former empire. This gave lots of advantages to the newborn country. Especially in official procedures, Turkey is a country with the fastest process times. Even today, the system called “e-Devlet” (meaning e-State in English) is making official procedures more faster and practical. Within a few clicks, the users of this technological system can easily do their formal needs.

These aspects of Turkey show how dynamic a country it is. The society and state management of Turkey can easily adapt the new and modern solutions for today’s problems and needs. Rich and developed facilities in every category of daily life can be seen in modern-day Turkey. For example with the well-designed transportation system of Turkey. While living in Bursa, you may be able to travel to Istanbul, only within a few hours.

Turkish people always give importance to teachers and education. As Atatürk said, the new generations are the work of the current teachers. Becoming domestically sufficient is not enough in terms of education. So, the first international educational institutions in Turkey were established in the early 19th century. French, British, German, and later, American educators and scholars saw the potential in the youth population of Turkey. Today, most of these international schools in Turkey are still active. Most of them have even been active since earlier periods of 19 and 20th centuries.

After the mid-50s, Turkey started its globalization. The relations between other countries from all over the world have strengthened. Turkey regained its role to provide peace in the area, as well as in the world. Turkey’s relations always become friendly to neighboring countries. Today, the citizens of Turkey can go to these neighboring countries without even needing a passport. So, foreigners also choose to go for a holiday or buy property in Bursa as their second home.

Many foreigners are today asking “Is Turkey best country to live in?”. The answer is simple; for people who are looking for a tranquil environment with vibrancy and modern buildings with natural wonders. Turkey is one of the best countries to live in. The benefits of living in Turkey are numerous and every person can find a benefit suitable for them. The new foreign real estate demand shows that Turkey is an advantageous country for foreigners, both for living and investment. The question of why should people buy property in Bursa is also can be easily answered. The developed infrastructure, good living environment, and high-profit potential in investments.

Turkey is one of the countries that developing most in the terms of economy. It has a vibrant and entrepreneur-friendly economy that welcomes investors from all over the world. According to the “Expat Explorer” research, Turkey is the 7th best country in terms of working and living as a foreigner. International and global corporations, smaller enterprises, and all other business facilities in Turkey welcome foreign workers. These facilities offer high wages, an equal working environment, and well conditions.

Modern times bring some conditions when choosing the best place to live in. For example, the best place to stay in Bursa is most likely the place in the central parts of the city. So, people choose the more developed areas to live in. Turkey has many cities such as Bursa that developed and have no problem offering today’s amenities.

Starting with the period of Atatürk in Turkey, combining daily life needs such as developed education, healthcare, law, infrastructure, business, and opportunity equality with the must principles of the modern country such as democratic, secular, equal, peaceful, and hospitality make the Republic of Turkey one of the best countries to live in.