The turquoise card system was launched to create employment opportunities for qualified people who want to relocate. Professionals, professional athletes, and artists can live and work in Turkey without any problems with this card.

What is Turquoise Card?

What is the Turquoise Card of Turkey?The turquoise card gives the right to live and work in Turkey. The system is like a green card in the USA. Families of cardholders can benefit from a residence permit.

The turquoise card system is suitable for citizens of countries who do not have the right to dual citizenship. If your country does not allow dual citizenship, you can take a turquoise card. You can benefit from many rights in Turkey without citizenship.

Turquoise cardholders generally have the same rights as Turkish citizens. They can work indefinitely. They can also benefit from rights such as education, health, and housing. But, this system does not include rights such as compulsory military service, voting, and being a civil servant.

There are lots of privileges of the turquoise card for foreign investors. Working indefinitely and trading freely are just a few of them. Also, there is no limitation on real estate purchases for investors.

The Turkey turquoise card system is a three-year transition period. A report is prepared for you by an expert each year. According to this report, three months are given to complete the deficiencies. If the deficiencies are not completed, the turquoise card can be canceled.

When the process is completed, you can have an unlimited-term card. However, it has to be concluded that you are not a threat to Turkey and the public. At the same time, you have the right to apply for Turkish citizenship.

What is the Turquoise Card of Turkey?Who Can Apply for a Turquoise Card?

The turquoise card is a system created to attract qualified people to Turkey. Those people are who;

  • Can be considered as a highly qualified workforce in terms of education level and professional knowledge,
  • Can be considered as a highly qualified investor in terms of the size of the investment or export level,
  • Can be considered as a scientist or researcher who has contributed to scientific or technological development, or who works for Turkey,
  • Achieves international success in cultural, artistic, or sporting activities,
  • Contributes to the international recognition of Turkey or Turkish culture.

How Does the Turquoise Card Turkey Application Process Work?

Applicants who are abroad can make their applications through Turkish foreign representation. Foreigners in Turkey already can make their card applications online. Information and documents of applicants from abroad are submitted to the Ministry through the foreign representative office.

Applicants in Turkey can apply with their foreign identity numbers. Turquoise card applications can also be made by intermediary institutions or organizations. Finally, the application process is completed by submitting the information and documents. These documents are determined by the General Directorate.

Relatives' residence permit applications must be made at the same time as the turquoise card application. Their information must be submitted with the application. Otherwise, they can apply for a residence permit to the ministry, when they come to Turkey. It is within ninety days at the latest.

What is the Turquoise Card of Turkey?Required Documents

  • Application form
  • Passport or passport substitute
  • Certificate of conformity received from the relevant public institutions (if any)
  • Document(s) proving that you are a qualified person such as;

People as labor force

  • Diploma
  • Employment contract
  • Resume (CV)
  • Assignment or assignment letter
  • Professional experience
  • Foreign language certificate (Internationally accepted)

People as investor

  • Investment size
  • Employment level
  • Export amount
  • Financial proficiency
  • Operation region
  • Sector and business

People as artist or athlete

  • Documents of success

People contributed to the recognition of Turkey or Turkish culture

  • Activities
  • Intellectual and artistic works
  • Sustainability
  • Continuity and sphere of influence

How Do You Get a Turquoise Card?

In the evaluation of applications, the scoring system is used within the scope of the criteria of the General Directorate. Applications with sufficient points are considered positive.

The documents mentioned above or the certificate of conformity are submitted. They are included in the scoring system.

What is a Certificate of Conformity?

It is a document showing that foreigners are suitable for the turquoise card in terms of their qualifications. It can be issued by the institutions or organizations determined by the General Directorate. It is prepared by the General Directorate by taking the opinions of the institutions and organizations.

How Does the Scoring System Work?

The scoring system varies according to the reason for application:

What is the Turquoise Card of Turkey?For people who apply as a qualified workforce;

  • Education status
  • The reputation of the institution where he/she studied
  • Income rate
  • Professional experience and expertise
  • Foreign language

What is the Turquoise Card of Turkey?For people who apply as a qualified investor;

  • Documented or committed investment
  • Export and employment level
  • Movable or immovable properties owned in Turkey
  • Investment region
  • The quality of the invested business

What is the Turquoise Card of Turkey?For people who apply as scientists or researchers;

  • Work experience
  • Title
  • National or international registered patent, trademark, or license
  • Strategic study area in terms of the country's economy
  • Innovative and developer features

What is the Turquoise Card of Turkey?For people who apply as athletes;

  • Club license
  • Individual or club achievements
  • Being a national athlete
  • National athlete certificate

For people who apply as thinker or artist;

  • Recognition of the works
  • National or international awards

For people who apply as individuals who have contributed to the recognition of Turkey or Turkish culture;

  • Sustainability
  • Domain
  • Artifacts are the factors that affect the evaluation system.

Why is Turquoise Card Application Rejected?

Your application may be rejected as a result of the examinations carried out by the relevant institutions.

  • Not meeting the evaluation conditions
  • Non-compliance with international labor policy
  • Fake or misinformed
  • The justification is not considered sufficient
  • Made for professions reserved for Turkish citizens
  • Regarding persons who threaten national security or who have been deported from Turkey before
  • Persons threatening public safety
  • Citizens of countries that Turkey does not recognize or have diplomatic relations with (unless the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says otherwise)
  • Applications that are not made within the legal period or are incomplete will be rejected.

What Rights Do Turquoise Card Holders Have?

  • They are exempt from compulsory military service.
  • They cannot benefit from the right to vote or to be a civil servant.
  • They have the same rights as Turkish citizens. But, if there is an obligation to be a Turkish citizen in some rights, they cannot benefit from these rights.

Can Turquoise Card Be Canceled?

The turquoise card may be canceled under certain conditions. These situations are as follows;

  • The cardholder does not come to Turkey within six months from the validity date of the turquoise card.
  • They have been abroad for more than two years without interruption, except for essential reasons.
  • Passport or passport substitute document expires
  • Detection of illegal or unregistered work
  • Detection that the application was made with false or misleading information
  • Failure to deliver the required information and documents during the transition period
  • Loss of turquoise card eligibility according to the expert report
  • Notification by the Ministry of Interior that the person is prohibited from entering Turkey
  • Notifying that it is inconvenient for the person to work in Turkey in terms of public order, safety and health.