Bursa Homes’ experts foresee that real estate for sale in Yalova has a very promising future. The large selection of real estate alternatives, the favorable return on investment, the low cost of living, and the tranquil atmosphere are the clearest motivations of this vision.

In this article, we have utilized statistical information to evaluate the Yalova property market’s outlook in 2023. Enjoy reading!

Property Prices and Trends in Yalova: What You Need to Know

house with big windows is currently one of the most popular investment means in Turkey. So much so that the cost of a house in Yalova jumped by 8.43% in the previous month. The average dwelling square meter price is now roughly 9,908 TL.

The 327.3% profit in value, particularly in the last five years, is rather remarkable, and experts predict that Yalova will continue to see rapid growth that will draw both domestic and international investors.

This prediction is further supported by housing sales data made to foreigners that TUIK published in September 2022. In Yalova, 9,208 homes were sold in the first nine months of the previous year, but this number rose to 10,989 in the same period of 2022, according to the data.

In this 9-month period, Yalova became the sixth province with the highest number of real estate sales to foreigners, right after metropolitan cities, such as Istanbul, Antalya, Mersin, Ankara, and Bursa.

The impact of this intense demand on the unit price was seen with the double increase in housing prices. While brand-new Yalova Turkey real estate is marketed with unit prices of 8,000 TL, the unit prices of luxury homes and Yalova villas for sale with sea views range from 30,000 to 45,000 TL.

The demand for land for sale has reduced in comparison to earlier times due to the popularity of new apartments for sale in Yalova, Turkey. On the other hand, the increased demand brought on by the city's growth may result in a follow-up rise in land prices. In other words, new projects will demand a lot of plots. So, lands for sale in Yalova may be one of the best choices in this regard for a long-term beneficial investment.

Why is Buying Real Estate in Yalova So Popular Right Now?

city view next to a sea and beachFirst of all, Yalova's strategic location at the meeting point of three major cities — Istanbul, Bursa, and Izmit — helps more people discover this magnificent city. It was simple to get there by car and ferry services even before the Osmangazi Bridge was built. Therefore, a lot of Istanbul residents were coming to the city to spend time on the weekends.

Since the opening of the Osmangazi Bridge, the distance not just to Yalova but also to Bursa and Balkesir has been minimized. Such progress made Yalova competitive in terms of the transportation network with other cities and, as a result, increased visibility for both permanent life and commercial investments.

It also offers a wide variety of tourism options, including nature tourism, health tourism, thermal tourism, golf tourism focused on the Karlık Plateau, and sports tourism, including paragliding in Duman Hill. Yalova's international recognition is boosted by this diversity.

Daily life in Yalova is quite comfortable and peaceful. The weather is always clean and sunny. There are plenty of daily amenities, such as shopping malls, schools, and hospitals. Transportation in and out of the city is very easy.

The cost of living in Yalova is just as reasonable. For example, consumer expenses including rent are 16.7% lower in Yalova compared to Istanbul. Average restaurant prices in Istanbul are 75.6% more expensive than in Yalova. However, you do not fall behind Istanbul residents in any way in terms of quality of life. Since you will be close to the megacity, you will be within easy reach when you need it.

Given all of these factors, investing in the real estate market in Turkey, Yalova would be a wise investment decision. Without making you worry about profits, the city guarantees long- or short-term lucrative returns on real estate.