The government has introduced new regulations on getting Turkish citizenship. So, what has changed in the law that will be effective as of January 1?

Updated Regulations of Turkey’s Citizenship by Investment

Updated Regulations of Turkey’s Citizenship by InvestmentThe most important changes in citizenship in Turkey requirements are as follows:

No Joint Ownership

Joint ownership is not eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship by investment. The applicants cannot obtain Turkish citizenship if they share the property ownership rights on the title deed with another person or legal entity. So, a single person's name must appear on the title deed.

On the other hand, it is not important if a property, purchased by a foreigner for citizenship application, is registered in the name of more than one person. With this property, this applicant can still apply for citizenship in Türkiye.

Multiple Properties with a Single Preliminary Sales Contract

There are no limitations on the number or the type of property that may be purchased. The Turkey citizenship program would be applicable for multiple properties, including residences, enterprises, lands, or farms worth at least 400.000 USD in total.

The earlier circular would accept many preliminary sales contracts as long as they each met the required minimum sales amount. But now that the law has changed, the minimum purchasing amount must be settled with a single preliminary sales contract.

Turkey’s property citizenship applications will not be accepted if there are multiple preliminary sales contracts.

No Timeshare Properties

According to the new circular, timeshare properties are not eligible for citizenship in Turkey by investment.

The new amendment will go into force on January 1, 2023.

If you want to buy a property in Turkey for citizenship, you can get in touch with us for further details about the new amendment.