There are 7 main steps of investing in a commercial property in Bursa. These can be sorted as the decision-making, determining your budget, market analysis, browsing the potential properties, planning a viewing tour, purchasing the property, and starting your business.

Some of these factors may have been determined previously. All of these steps bear great importance to make a smart investment. Every step will determine the success and the future of your business.

How to get into commercial real estate investing in Bursa?

The Decision-Making: What do we mean by that?

If you are in between investing in a residential or commercial property, you should make this decision first. Determining your purpose will shape your idea of commercial real estate. It will allow you to know what to expect from it and what features you need in your property.

Determining your budget

The second step requires giving up small delights such as avocado toasts or oatmeal lattes. At this point, you need to calculate your monthly expenses and determine your budget. Realistic budget planning goes a long way.

Pro Tip: Don’t miss out on the additional expenses of property purchasing.

Market Analysis

This is one of the most challenging steps of investment in commercial real estate in Bursa. At this point, you will clear out the question that pops up in your mind: Is it worth investing in commercial property?

Although it is easier to find enough information online, only a few of them represents the truth. It would be better to work with a professional expert from a well-established real estate company. They can inform you about the pros and cons with their deep knowledge of property purchasing and years of experience.

Browsing potential properties

You’ve come so far! Now you’re just a few steps away from starting your business. But how to find the best place that meets all necessities?

Your real estate agent will lead you to the best options in the present local market. They will analyze the best commercial properties in their portfolio. They will investigate the up-and-coming projects and promising regions in terms of high demand. After finding the best real estate options for your new business, now it is time to visit!

Planning a Viewing Tour

At this step, you will visit the most suitable commercial real estate options with your agent. They will inform you about interior details, exterior features, and payment plans. You can ask any questions to your agent.
You can also attend an online viewing tour by Bursa Homes ®. Our TeleProperty ® service allows you to visit your new property via online communication channels. Read our related page for more information.

Purchasing the Property

You have found the new home of your new business. Now it’s the final part of your property purchasing experience. You are ready to receive your title deed. The only thing you’ll need to do is to give a power of attorney.
This way you can sit back and let your agent finalize all the complicated legal procedures.

Start Your Business

Congratulations, you are now a property owner in Bursa! Now it is time to make your dreams come true and start your new business. The real estate agents of Bursa Homes ® will also be there after the finalization of your purchasing experience.
Check out our after-sales services from our Services page and let us know.

Top Tips for Investing in Commercial Real Estate in Bursa

There are some key points to consider while purchasing a commercial property for your business.

• The number of customers determines your income, be visible!

The location is a major fact that affects your income in two aspects.

First, your rental income from the tenant depends on the location. It will be more profitable if a property is located on the main road, in the city center or a highly demanded touristic spot. The population increases in parallel with the number of construction. In the long haul, newly developing regions in Bursa are also very promising.

The second aspect is that a place with high visibility and accessibility will increase the number of customers. Your local real estate agent with great market knowledge will be familiar with all commercial properties that have high demand potential.

• Lack of knowledge about financial opportunities and payment options will cost you money and time

Construction companies usually cooperate with well-established real estate companies. They arrange seasonal discounts, payment plans with a small amount of downpayment and installments, etc.

You will be informed about flexible payment options while working with a professional real estate company. This way you can make a room in your budget for decorations and other necessities.

• Analyze the local market for no regrets.

You may wonder what do we mean by “analyzing the local market”?

We suggest you analyze the market before getting into the big-budget enterprise. After becoming a property owner you may wonder if there is a better option, even if you have all the information out in the online browsers.

In this case, online sources may not be enough to be familiar with the local sector. Working with a professional advisor also comes in handy at this point. These experts will help you to find the best option in the local market. A professional real estate agent will be familiar with the new projects, resale properties, discounted options, and up-and-coming investment regions.

What Kind of Commercial Properties are at Peak in Bursa?

Some of the numerous commercial real estate options are more preferred than others. These are retail properties, specific-purpose properties, offices, industrial properties, and hotels.

• Retail Properties, Stores, and Shops: As the heart of textile production, establishing a business in the retail sector in Bursa can be quite profitable. Retail properties at prime locations are one of the highly preferred and best types of commercial real estate to invest in Bursa.

The retail properties in Bursa are usually built with customizable spaces. This way owners can decorate the space in the best way to show their products.

It’s better to remember that the location of a store or shop is important because of the accessibility factor. Especially the centrally located commercial properties or stores in the shopping centers have a high visibility rate. It may be more advantageous because of the high-income rate.

• Specific-Purpose Properties: The most active business line in Bursa is the service sector. There is an endless number of private social facilities from sports and health centers to concept cafes and bars. Especially the food industry leads the service market.

Specific-purpose properties are more suitable for customization and transformation of the working space. The customization depends on the tenant or the owner of these restaurants, cafes, book stores, etc.

• Offices: A decent workspace plays an important role in increasing productivity and morale. The number of modernly and functionally designed offices in Bursa is increasing each passing day.

There is a great number of global companies establishing their headquarters in Bursa. Because of the city’s proximity to megacity İstanbul, Bursa has a great advantage for businesses.

• Industrial Properties: The industry and production occupy a big part of the Bursa’s GDP. Especially automotive, machinery, metal, and textile manufacturing are the main source of income in Bursa.

Industrial properties are permitted only for industrial purposes. In Turkey, most of these warehouses, heavy manufacturing buildings, and light assembly structures are situated in industrial zones.

There are 18 industrial zones in the city which create a perfect opportunity to invest in commercial real estate in Bursa. The features of these types of properties can be customized according to your purpose of usage.

• Hotels: There isn’t an ending for accommodation needs in Bursa. Other than cultural and ecological tourism activities, Bursa is also an outstanding center for winter tourism. Thanks to the gorgeous Uludag mountain and its favored ski center, the cozy Greek town of Golyazi, and the lovely lake of İznik; Bursa is an all-year-round tourism destination.

Because of this non-seasonal aspect, hotels can be sorted among the best commercial properties to invest in Bursa. In September 2021, the statistics have shown that 111.000 people have visited Bursa. In the same year, the number of overnight stays was 270.000.

This shows a nearly 20% increase in one year. The income potential is raising each passing year for accommodation-based businesses.

Why Invest in Bursa?

Think about a major trade center in Turkey. Istanbul is the first place that comes to mind, right? However, the second great destination behind the curtain is Bursa. 39,6 % of people who lives in Bursa earn their living from the production, industry, and trade sectors.

But how does this great potential become a reason for profitable commercial investment in Bursa? And also, in which ways can you profit if you buy a commercial property? Let’s discuss the advantages of investing in commercial real estate in Bursa.

• Your property will be more valuable when you want to sell it.

The number of construction and values of properties is always increasing in Turkey due to the high interest from local and foreign visitors. Especially in Bursa, the major industrial and touristic city in Marmara after İstanbul, the properties are worth more each passing year. Increasing property values is one of the major benefits of investing in commercial real estate in Bursa.

In January 2020, the average value of a commercial property per sqm was 3.639 TL. In comparison, the average value of a commercial unit per sqm increased to 7.318 TL in January 2022.

The values nearly doubled themselves within 2 years and that shows great profit opportunity. But it is important to keep in mind that the value can vary depending on the location, space, design, and features of your real estate.

• High interest in the city is perfect for retail businesses.

The city is famous for its top-quality silk products as well as its historical background. As a former Byzantine city and the first Ottoman capital, the city is filled with cultural heritage. The exquisite architectural ruins which were inherited from both of these greatest empires surround the city. In multiple aspects, Bursa attracts thousands of local and foreign travelers.

In 2021, 32.9% of the foreign tourists and 56.7% of the local visitors traveled to Bursa. This high touristic demand creates a great investment opportunity with high-income potential for your new retail business.

The city is an outstanding textile production and marketing center in Turkey. The textile market occupies nearly 15% of the production in Bursa and there are 18 organized industrial zones. If you own a brand in the retail sector, investing in commercial real estate in Bursa seems very promising.

• It is easy to find a corporate tenant to secure your rental income.

What says a “regular income” than a well-established corporate tenant with a long-term rental contract? Bursa is pretty convenient if you are planning to invest in a commercial property to obtain a regular income.

Bursa is a multicultural metropolitan city with 17 districts and 3 million residents. After İstanbul, Bursa comes in second as a city with the highest number of worldwide-known companies in the Marmara region.

The number of time-tested companies in Bursa keeps increasing each year. The Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry stated that in 2021, nearly 5000 new companies were established in the city.

They also announced that 1459 companies were opened for business in the first 3 months of 2022. This diversity allows you to choose a trustworthy tenant to secure your regular income without getting into any hustle and bustle.

You don’t have to think about all of these details, your local expert will think about it for you!

All of our professional real estate agents of Tekce Overseas go through a compelling educational process with Tekce Academy.

Contact us to get detailed information for an easy and profitable commercial real estate investment in Bursa.