There are many reasons that encourage real estate investors to buy property in Yalova. For this reason, new investors are wondering “Is Yalova a good investment option for making a profitable real estate investment?”. The answer is yes.

Buying a property in Yalova can help you to earn a great profit. Here is why and how;

Why Do I Buy Property in Yalova?

Why Do I Buy Property in Yalova?In recent years, Yalova Province of Turkey has started to become a popular city among real estate investors. Yalova properties for sale offer their investors a good return on investment rate through several different methods. Let's look into the reasons a bit more closely to better understand the methods to make a profit in Yalova.

Enviable Weather in Yalova Turkey

Yalova is one of the provinces in northwestern Turkey. It benefits from a unique climate that has some features of the Mediterranean, continental, and oceanic climates. While summers are hot and arid, winters are mild and rainy. The temperature in Yalova Turkey rarely drops below 0ºC during winter.

On the other hand, the average temperature during the hottest month is 24,9ºC. This makes living in Yalova very comfortable throughout the year.

Beachside Lifestyle

Yalova is the smallest province in Turkey with an 839 sqkm geographical ares. However, it is also one of the provinces with the longest coastline. The coastline of the province extends for 105 km linearly and features many sandy beaches throughout all 6 districts. So it’s possible to find beachfront properties for sale in Yalova in all districts.

However, the districts of Çınarcık and Armutlu are the districts where you can find the best beaches in Yalova Turkey. Yalova beaches are preferred by holiday makers during summer for their tranquility. If you want to buy homes for sale in Yalova Turkey for investment these districts would be a good choice. Homes in these districts can earn a high rental income for their investors in the short-term.

Serene and Peaceful AtmosphereSerene and Peaceful Atmosphere

Yalova is a developed city with all kinds of amenities you would expect from a metropol. However, it is much quieter and more peaceful compared to other cities in the Marmara Region like Bursa and İstanbul. According to the statistics, Yalova province accommodates a population of 296.333 by the end of 2022.

With its low population density and unspoiled nature, Yalova offers its residents a comfortable and peaceful lifestyle. People who buy property in Yalova Turkey can enjoy the views of the green forests and turquoise sea. They can also find all types of amenities they may need for a comfortable life within walking distance. In addition, they can stay away from the hustle and bustle of large cities.

Low Cost of Living in Yalova Turkey

Yalova is a coastal tourism city. But, the average cost of living in Yalova is lower compared to other coastal cities like Antalya, Alanya, Bodrum, or Fethiye. Therefore, it’s a preferable coastal resort even for people with lower holiday budgets.

Tourist Attractions in Yalova Turkey

Tourist attractions and places to visit in Yalova Turkey mostly consists of natural wonders apart from a few exceptions. These exceptions are Yürüyen Köşk (a historical pavilion) in Yalova Merkez (city centre), Atatürk Pavillion in Termal district, Karaca Arboretum, and Yalova Open Air Museum.

The must-visit natural wonders in Yalova are Sudüşen Waterfall, Erikli Waterfall, Çaldere Waterfall, and Büyük Dipsiz Göl (Large Bottomless Lake).

Strategic LocatYalova has a very strategic locationion

Located on the south eastern coast of the Sea of Marmara, Yalova has a very strategic location. The city is a neighbor to important metropolitan cities like İstanbul, Bursa, and Kocaeli. It is well connected to these cities through highways, bridges, and the seaway.

These metropolitan cities are among the locomotive cities of the Turkish economy. This situation not only makes Yalova an important drop-by-point but also boosts its economy.

In addition to that, Yalova’s proximity to İstanbul and its tranquil atmosphere also attracts tourists. Tourists who want to visit İstanbul has started prefer Yalova for staying to avoid crowdedness. For this reason, apartments for sale in Yalova Turkey are also preferred by real estate investors to earn rental income.

Yalova apartments for sale can earn high rental incomes through short-term rentals for their investor's. This is the result of this strategic location and the city’s wellness tourism potential.

Formerly being a district of İstanbul, Yalova is really close to İstanbul. Some locals even say that Yalova is closer to İstanbul than İstanbul itself. Indeed, Sabiha Gökçen Airport on the Anatolian side of İstanbul is only 57 km away from Yalova Merkez. Also, it takes merely 45 minutes to arrive at the Pendik Marina in İstanbul from Yalova by ferry.

Developed Infrastructure and Rich Amenities

As we’ve mentioned in the above paragraphs, Yalova’s proximity to the large metropolitan cities boosts its economy. As a result of that, the city has a developed infrastructure and a wide variety of amenities. This makes living in Yalova much more comfortable and pleasant.

You can find all types of daily amenities within a stone’s throw away. In addition, the colorful and active social life of İstanbul is only an hour away.

Relaxing in the thermal bathsWellness Tourism

Last but not least, wellness tourism is also one of the reasons why you should invest in properties in Yalova Turkey. Relaxing in the thermal baths and the hot springs is one of the best things to do in Yalova Turkey. The thermal springs in Yalova has reputation for their therapeutic characteristics since Byzantine times.

The historical baths got mostly devastated over time due to wars and earthquakes. However, modern-day thermal baths in Yalova continues to attract thousands of tourists throughout the year. These modern-day thermal baths are mostly located in the Termal (literally translates as “thermal”) district of Yalova.

How to Make Profit By Investing in Yalova Real Estate?

As we’ve tried to explain briefly above, Yalova properties offers their investors a high return on investment rates. They are suitable both for the short term and for the long term. Small investors can start earning profit through rental properties. In this aspect, Yalova villas for sale are among the preferred options.

Sea view villas throughout the province andSea view villas throughout the province and detached houses in the district of Termal detached houses in the district of Termal are popular among tourists. Especially the villas in the districts of Çınarcık and Yalova Merkez are sought after. So, it’s easy to rent these types of Yalova homes and earn a high rental income in the short term.

On the other hand, big investors can invest in plots of land or commercial properties in Yalova without worrying. Plots of land can be utilized for large residential projects, which are popular among all kinds of people. On the other hand, commercial properties in Yalova can offer their investors a high return on investment rate. This is the result of Yalova’s strategic location.

Now you know why you should invest in Yalova Turkey real estate. Contact us for detailed information, available options, and real estate prices. Our local real estate agents in Yalova Turkey can find the best deals according to your needs and wishes.