Are you planning to make an investment this spring? Then you should definitely grab the chance to purchase an investment property in Bursa. Springtime is the perfect time to make a real estate investment in Bursa.

The property market in Bursa becomes much livelier during the spring season and presents investors with many opportunities to earn profit. Here is why you should choose Bursa to invest in springtime and how to do it;

Discovering Bursa in Springtime

Discovering Bursa in SpringtimeSpringtime is really a great choice to discover Bursa for many reasons. First of all, the spring season is the right time to explore the natural and historical beauties of Bursa. There are countless places to visit in Bursa Turkey. The weather in Bursa during springtime is perfect for outdoor activities.

Secondly, social life in Bursa becomes livelier in spring with many outdoor activities, cultural events, festivals, and exhibitions. Thirdly, the economic life in Bursa becomes much more active during spring thanks to the interest of tourists and investors. This situation makes investing in Bursa during springtime more advantageous, especially when it comes to the real estate market.

• What to Do in Bursa During Spring Season?

Top spring activities in Bursa are; hiking, sightseeing with the cable car (Bursa Teleferik), discovering the untouched nature and traditional villages and attending cultural and social events.

Bursa is a city that attracts attention with its unspoiled nature. Therefore it’s also known as Yeşil Bursa, which literally translates as Green Bursa. Discovering the organic way of life in the traditional villages of Bursa that are engulfed in nature is a must-do!

Sightseeing Bursa with the cable car also offers a memorable experience. If you come to Bursa before the end of March, you can witness the awakening of nature and the snowy mountaintop of Uludağ (Great Mountain) at the same time.

Bursa also witnesses countless activities throughout the year including art exhibitions, concerts, and festivals. Festivals in Bursa include spring festivals, theatre festivals, gastronomy festivals, and more. One of the must-do things in Bursa is attending gastronomy festivals and trying out famous local foods like iskender kebab and inegöl köftesi.

Last but not least, relaxing in the hot springs in Bursa Turkey is also one of the top activities. Thermal springs in Bursa are surrounded by modern facilities and are very popular among both locals and foreigners.

 Natural Beauties of Bursa• Natural Beauties of Bursa

If you’re asking “Is Bursa worth visiting?, our answer would be “Yes, it is.”. Bursa is not only famous for its natural beauty. But, its mesmerizing nature alone is enough to make Bursa a place worth visiting.

There are many natural places that you must see in Bursa. Uludağ National Park is definitely one of the top destinations. This park is great for sightseeing and hiking during spring. It’s also possible to enjoy skiing on the mountain top if you come before the end of March.

Another one of the top natural places in Bursa is Lake İznik. This lake and the surrounding villages are widely preferred for weekend getaways, hiking, and camping. Suuçtu Nature Park and Waterfall in the Mustafakemalpaşa district of Bursa is another great place for weekend getaways.

Lake Uluabat and the surrounding villages are also popular among both locals and foreigners. These traditional villages not only offer a peaceful getaway in evergreen surroundings but also a gateway to Ottoman history.

• Historical Sites to Visit

Bursa is also home to many historical structures including city walls, basilicas, churches, mosques, baths, and caravanserais. Some of these structures date back to the 4th century BC. However, due to the constant fight over the region and natural disasters, some of these structures have been devastated.

Today, mosques, tombs, baths, and caravanserais built during the reign of Ottomans are among the best places to visit in Bursa. Gazi Orhan Bey Mosque, the tombs of Orhan Gazi and Osman Gazi, Ulu Cami (the Grand Mosque), Green Mosque, Green Tomb, Old İpek Han (a historical silk bazaar), and Koza Han are the must-see historical places in the center of Bursa.

Why You Should Prefer to Buy an Investment Property in Bursa

Why You Should Prefer to Buy an Investment Property in BursaBursa is one of the ideal places to make real estate investments for several reasons. These are an evergreen nature, a mild climate, a peaceful lifestyle, developed infrastructure, a wide range of amenities, a strategic location close to Istanbul, tourism potential, developed industry, and a buoyant economy.

For these reasons, real estate for sale in Bursa is suitable both for individual buyers who look for a holiday home and also for big investors who want to earn large sums of profit. Bursa is one of the biggest cities in Turkey in terms of industry and economy. On top of it, its strategic location close to İstanbul ensures the continuity of economical growth.

This situation encourages more and more people to invest in a property for sale in Bursa Turkey. No matter the amount of the investment, real estate in Bursa promises its investors a good return on investment rate. In addition, there is a suitable investment property option suitable for every budget and every sector.

Investors can find the best deals for themselves in the wide range of property options in Bursa. These options consist of apartments, villas, shops, plots of land, offices, warehouses, business centers, and more. But, why should investors choose the spring season to make an investment? Here is why;

Spring: Home Buying Season in Bursa

In general, the spring season is one of the most active times for the real estate sector. Construction companies usually kickstart their new projects at the beginning of spring due to weather conditions. Since companies need funding for their upcoming projects as well, they usually start to sell their projects in the construction phase.

Due to this need and the inflation rate in Turkey, property prices are always lower during the project launch or construction stage. This situation is not different for Bursa either. Currently, many new projects are being launched by construction companies. The prices for these properties are expected to steadily increase for the rest of the year.

You can be sure that you’ll make a profitable investment in Bursa thanks to the advantageous prices during this season. You can contact our local experts to get detailed information about the best places to buy property in Bursa. We’re only a phone call away!