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A comprehensive guidebook on property purchasing in Turkey. Find out how to buy a property step-by-step and get ready to explore the world of real estate in Turkey.

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Finding your dream home is an exciting journey to follow. Buying a property in Turkey is much easier when you have the correct guidance from experienced specialists.

There are a few things to consider before deciding on a certain property for purchasing. We have prepared a guide to buying property in Bursa. Let’s explore the advantages of buying real estate in Turkey and things to keep in mind.

Buying Property in Bursa TurkeyWhy Should I Buy Real Estate in Turkey?

The decent living conditions and low cost of living are the main reasons to choose Turkey as a permanent residence. The well-preserved surroundings combined with modern settlements create a perfect environment to live in.

Turkey has territories in both Asia and the European continents. Being surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea and the Black Sea makes the country a gem for nature lovers.

Turkey is also a great place for history enthusiasts because of its rich historical background. Anatolia was home to many great empires such as the Romans and the Ottomans. The country is still carefully preserving its natural heritage.

There is also a great number of job options and educational opportunities. The country hosts many well-known education centers and global businesses.

Health and culture tourism, industry, production, real estate, and entertainment markets are the main sectors that play an important role in the national economy.

Turkey has an increasing investment value in terms of real estate. The numerous profitable investment opportunities are increasing each day. The latest developments in technology and industry created perfect conditions for foreign investors.

The never-ending need for accommodation and new building techniques created the perfect environment for new housing projects. The extensive projects are arousing across the country each day. The diverse portfolio options create a competitive market and a constant increase in property values.

The VAT rates for real estate purchases in Turkey vary between 1 – 18% per purchase. There are a few exemptions for foreign buyers on property investment. Foreigners can get a refund in some conditions such as making the payment from abroad. Keeping the property on hold for at least a year is one of these conditions.

The Turkish government had made some regulations for becoming a Turkish citizen. You can buy real estate and apply for Turkish citizenship by investment. It is possible to get your passport and your dream home at the same time!

Don't let the language obstacle and not being able to travel affect your experience. Purchasing procedures are quite easy when you have enough knowledge and correct guidance from trusted consultants.

You may want to work with an established and experienced real estate company to avoid any failures. Our experienced real estate agents are ready to help you on this exciting journey to your dream life.

Why Would I Need a Real Estate Agent?

You might need a real estate agent because the legal procedures of purchasing are different for each country. A real estate agent should be familiar with the area, local market, and purchasing procedures to run things smoothly.

An experienced and trusted real estate consultant will help you to get the title deed very easily. It would eliminate bumping into any issues or failures during the legal procedures.

Finding your dream home is an exciting journey. As well as all adventures, there might be some difficulties. A trusted seatmate who has traveled the road before you do might help you to be aware of the upcoming obstacles. This way you can enjoy the trip with a clear mind.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Property in Turkey

Buying Property in Bursa Turkey• Choose the Right Real Estate Company

We believe that the most important fact is trust when it comes to putting down your life’s savings. The real estate sector is an extensive market in the global business field. There are unreliable, inexperienced, grifter individuals or companies in every business.

Finding a correct real estate company might seem hard. You need to be aware of the red flags such as the lack of customer reviews, wrong prices, information about the listings, outdated websites, etc.

• Prepare a Wish List to Find the Perfect Property

Making a wish list is a great way to start your property purchasing journey. It is the first step of the buying process. Knowing what you expect from a property will save you time from looking into improper options. Your local guide will find the perfect option according to your needs and expectations.

• Make Sure You Agree on the Negotiation Terms

A real estate company acts as a referee between two parties. It is the company’s responsibility to act objectively and protect the right of both parties. A well-planned sales contract should cover all the basic information about the property and the negotiation terms.

Make sure that you are agreeing to the terms of the contract. Do not sign any legal document if there is a conflict about the terms or conditions.

• It Might Take Longer to Recieve the Title Deed as a Foreigner

Foreigners can easily buy a property in Turkey. However, the title deed procedure takes longer if the buyer is a foreigner.

Turkish citizens can get a title deed in 2-3 days. A foreigner can travel to Turkey with a limited amount of money. Because of this legal obstacle, money transfers from abroad can take a few days more. The title deed transfer could take 5-7 days for foreigners.

Steps of Buying a Property in Bursa Turkey

If you decide to buy real estate with Bursa Homes ®, our real estate specialists will guide you through the whole process. We offer extensive before and after-sales services to our customers to make the procedure easier and faultless.

Buying Property in Bursa Turkey1. Prepare a Wish List

Determining your purpose, your expectations, and your budget is the first step of buying your dream home. This way, your real estate agent will find the best options for you in the market.

2. Attend a Viewing Tour

IBuying Property in Bursa Turkeyf you are in Turkey or planning to travel, arrange a viewing tour with our real estate agents. Our experts will take you from your hotel. You will visit our office for a quick presentation. In this presentation, we will inform you about the property details, payment plans, negotiation terms, and conditions.

We also offer an online viewing tour service called “TeleProperty ®”. With TeleProperty ®, you can attend your viewing tour from your hometown via video communication channels such as FaceTime, Whatsapp, Skype, etc. This way you can eliminate the costs of traveling all the way to Turkey.

3. Negotiate the Terms and Sign the Sales Contract

Buying Property in Bursa TurkeyAfter you decide on a real estate to buy in Turkey, you can discuss the terms, conditions, and payment plans. Our agents will make sure that you are informed about every aspect of the purchasing details. Feel free to express yourself if you don’t agree with the terms or conditions.

Our experts will prepare a unique sales contract. This contract will include the details of the property, payment plan, key delivery conditions, compensation, and negotiation terms. The contract protects the rights of both parties. After signing the contract, we proceed with the legal procedures and financial transactions.

4. Complete the Transactions

Buying Property in Bursa TurkeyWe will inform you about the necessary documents for the title deed transfer and the pre-discussed deposit amount. There are a few mandatory transactions such as opening a bank account, obtaining a tax id number, title deed (TAPU) applications, etc.

We assist you with our after-sales services during the legal procedures. You can submit a power of attorney for certain transactions. Our experts will follow and complete the whole procedure on your behalf.

You will transfer your money from your foreign bank to your Turkish bank account. The following step will be the title deed application. Our real estate experts will complete the application for you. We visit the Land Registry Office and complete the title deed transfer.

Congratulations, you are now a homeowner in Turkey!

You can explore our web pages for more information about buying a property. Contact us for the best selection of property to buy in Bursa.