Turkish Citizenship by Property Investment


New regulations in 2018 for the acquisition of Turkish citizenship have created a boom in the real estate market in Turkey. Getting Turkish citizenship by investment became a trending practice since then.

It is very easy to apply for citizenship in Turkey. However, certain legal steps and transactions may require a professional consultancy. The correct guidance will make the process easier and faultless. The professional and expert team of Bursa Homes ® will be happy to assist you through this journey.

Being a Turkish citizen has numerous advantages. Visa-free travel to 100+ countries, free education, or extensive health insurance are some of them. These benefits made Turkish citizenship a charming idea for the past few decades.

The changes in the citizenship law in 2018 changed the whole potential of the real estate market. Real estate investment became the most convenient way to become a Turkish citizen. Foreign investors can apply for citizenship with no limitations for any nationality in Turkey.

Key Advantages of Citizenship in Turkey

• The applicant’s family can become Turkish citizens at the same time. The law covers the spouse and children under 18 years old.

• There are no limitations for staying in Turkey. Turkish citizens can stay and reside in the country as they wish.

• The applicant can work in any business with no limitation.

• The applicant can access numerous health and education organizations.

• It is easy to travel visa-free to more than 100 countries in Europe, Asia, America, and Africa.

Turkey Citizenship Types

There are different ways of obtaining Turkish citizenship. The main Turkish citizenship types are by birth, by the Turquoise Card System, and by marriage. It is also possible to apply with a long-term residence permit and investment.

Turkish Citizenship by Property Investment• Birth: Being born in Turkey is the regular way of being a Turkish citizen. If both of the parents are Turkish citizens, a child born abroad can be a Turkish citizen, too.

• The Turquoise Card System: The Turquoise Card System accepts foreigners as a qualified workforce with high education level and professional knowledge.

Turkish Citizenship by Property InvestmentThe system is open for entrepreneurs, contributors for science and technology, researchers, scientists, international culture and sports representatives, etc.

The Turquoise Card owner can obtain Turkish citizenship in the future if there is no legal obligation.

• Marriage: A foreigner who is married to a Turkish citizen for at least 3 years can apply for Turkish citizenship. The marriage must be Turkish Citizenship by Property Investmentongoing and legally provable.

• Long-Term Residence Permit: Foreigners with a long-term residence permit can apply for citizenship in certain conditions. They should be financially independent.

Turkish Citizenship by Property InvestmentThe applicant must have lived in Turkey for the past 5 years. The time spent outside Turkey must be under 185 days.

• Turkish Citizenship by Investment: The most convenient and profitable option to become a Turkish citizen is by investment.

The business and real estate sector in Turkey offers very profitable options. This way foreigners can multiply their earnings and become Turkish Citizenship by Property InvestmentTurkish citizens.

There are 6 ways to acquire Turkish citizenship through investment.

• Buy real estate worth of minimum 400.000 USD. The certain condition is not to sell the properties at least for 3 years.

• Deposit 500.000 USD cash in Turkish banks and not withdraw it for 3 years.

• Buy 500.000 USD government bonds with a condition not to sell for 3 years.

• Buy shares worth 500.000 USD in Turkish REITs or VCTs. The certain condition is not to sell the shares for 3 years.

• Make 500.000 USD fixed-asset investment.

• Hire 50 Turkish employees for your business.


Steps of Applying to Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investment

Foreigners of any nationality can apply for Turkish citizenship. It is an easy process to pursue with enough knowledge. The lack of information and the language obstacle can cause some difficulties on the road.

Turkish Citizenship by Property InvestmentWorking with an expert on the field is a secure and easy way to get Turkish citizenship. Bursa Homes ® offers a secure citizenship application process with an experienced professional team.

• Planning a Viewing Tour: Turkey is filled with affordable, profitable, and well-designed properties. The real estate market in Turkey consists of numerous options for every budget and need. Explore our listings and find the most convenient home or commercial property.

Contact us to arrange a viewing tour next. Our experienced real estate agents will show you around. During a viewing tour, our experts will share important details and the highlights of the property.

• Property Purchasing: Buying a property with Bursa Homes ® is an easy process. If the necessary documents are ready, our sales team will guide you at every stage of the purchasing process. For more information about buying in Turkey, take a look at our "Buying Guide" page.

• Citizenship Application: When the value of the bought properties is more than 400.000 USD, you can apply for citizenship. Bursa Homes ® provides legal assistance with qualified company lawyers during the whole journey.

• Get your Turkish Passport: The evaluation and results can take some time. The application will be finalized within 2 to 6 months depending on the number of applicants.

Congratulations! You are now a Turkish citizen.

Necessary Documents to Apply for Turkish Citizenship by Investment

• Application form
• Valid passport
• 4 Biometric photos of each family member. The pictures should be taken within 6 months.
• Birth certificate
• Residence permit or valid touristic visa
• Documents to prove the bond between family members such as a marriage license, birth certificate, etc.
• If there are any relatives in Turkey, Turkish ID copy and address information of the relatives.
• Application tax payment receipt
•Appraisal report of the bought properties
• Bank receipt showing the payment of minimum 400.000 USD
• Title deed or notarized documents of the property purchase

Bursa Homes ® is ready to help you to reach your dream life. Contact us for more information about Turkish citizenship and buying real estate in Turkey.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I become a Turkish Citizen?
Yes. In certain conditions, you can apply for Turkish citizenship.

Q: Which nationalities can apply for Turkish citizenship?
All nationalities who are welcome to buy a property in Turkey can apply for citizenship.

Q: How can I get Turkish Citizenship?
There are 5 ways to become a Turkish citizen. The citizenship types are birth, Turquoise Card System, marriage, long-term residence, and investment.

Q: What kind of investment is accepted for Turkish citizenship applications?
You can buy premises worth 400.000 USD, preserve 500.000 USD in Turkish banks, or buy government bonds worth 500.000 USD. You can also purchase 500.000 USD worth of shares in Turkish REITs or VCTs, or make a fixed-asset investment worth 500.000 USD. It is also possible if you hire 50 Turkish employees for your company.

Q: Can I buy multiple properties worth 400.000 USD for applying to citizenship?
Yes. You can buy more than one property. However, you need to apply at the same time for all.

Q: Is it eligible for Turkish citizenship to buy an under-construction property?
Yes. You can apply with a notarized property purchase commitment. The payment should be above 400.000 USD.

Q: I am planning to buy a property with installments. Can I apply for a Turkish passport?
Yes. You can apply with a notarized property purchase commitment. The total amount of payment should be above 400.000 USD.

Q: I bought a property in Turkey previously. Can I apply for citizenship with it?
If the title deed application was made after 18 September 2018, you can apply for citizenship.

Q: Is there a certain property type to apply for citizenship?
No. You can buy any type of property.

Q: How long does the process take?
The process finalizes in 2 to 6 months.

Q: Can my family become a citizen with me?
Yes. Your spouse and all children under the age of 18 can become Turkish citizens.

Q: How many people can apply for citizenship on one Title Deed?
Only one individual and their family members can apply on one Title Deed.

Q: Should I bring my entire family to Turkey for the application?
No. You can submit the documents of your family.

Q: What is the citizenship policy for disabled children above the age of 18?
A disabled child can become a Turkish citizen with their parents. They might need to submit a document for the special application.

Q: Is there any requirement for an interview at any stage?

Q: Should I have assistance while applying for Turkish citizenship?
The process is not very complicated. However, it will be easier and more secure when you have a professional guide. It might prevent undesired complications. The local experts of Bursa Homes ® are happy to help you.

Q: Should I be there in person while applying for citizenship?
No. You can send a power of attorney to our experts. Our legal consultants and agents will follow up the whole process on your behalf.

Q: Do Turkish laws allow dual or triple citizenship?
Yes. But, some countries do not recognize or have certain limitations for dual or multiple nationalities. You should check with the consulate of your original nationality.

Q: Can I get Turkish citizenship as a heimatlos (stateless individual)?
Yes. If you meet the other conditions, you only need to submit a required document certifying that you are stateless.

Q: Can I get a residence permit while the application process continues?
Yes. You can apply for a residence permit after the property purchase.

Q: Is the Turkish Military Service mandatory for me after I become a Turkish citizen?
For children under the age of 18, it is mandatory to do military service when they come to a certain age. Dual citizens can choose one country to do their military service. If you have already done your service, you may need to submit a document to prove it. If you haven’t done your military service yet, you need to ask during the application for the correct information.

Q: Should I live in Turkey after becoming a Turkish citizen?
No. There are no limitations.

Q: Can I become a dual citizen in Turkey?
Yes. Turkey accepts dual nationality. However, some countries do not allow dual nationality. You may want to check the other nation’s consulate.

Q: I don’t have enough budget for Turkish citizenship. Is there any alternative?
Yes. You can apply for a Turquoise Card in Turkey. The Turquoise Card offers all the rights of a Turkish citizen except for the right to vote and mandatory military service.

Q: Can I work in Turkey after becoming a Turkish citizen?
Yes. You may need to subscribe to the bar associations for certain jobs such as doctors, lawyers, traders, etc.