Obtaining Turkish Citizenship By Fund Investment

The Turkish Parliament passed new and more flexible conditions for foreigners seeking Turkish citizenship by investment. The conditions for foreign investors seeking Turkish citizenship by investment program have changed according to an agreement published in the Official Turkish Gazette in 2018.

Real Estate Investment is the best investment option for foreigners as it is profitable offering high returns in a short time. However, you can also obtain Turkey citizenship by fund investment.

If you’re wondering how to invest investment funds in Turkey, then we’ve gathered all information you need to know. Bursa Homes is ready to assist you with expert service during the entire citizenship process in Turkey.

Information on Turkish Citizenship by Fund Investment

• The minimum investment amount is 500.000 USD through any bank. (Halkbank, İş Bank, Akbank or QNB Finansbank)

• Funds must be licensed by the Capital Markets Board.

• The average performance in 2017 is 32%

• The custodian is in charge of your money and title deeds.

• Ernst and Young Company audit the funds.

Required Documents for Application

  • Turkish translation of passport from notary
  • Application form for the Real Estate Investment Fund or Investment Capital Investment Fund
  • Photocopies of a foreign person's current and short-term residency permit

FAQs about Fund Investment

Q: What is the procedure for obtaining Turkish citizenship and how does it work?
A: You can apply to your bank after purchasing a real estate investment fund (REIF) worth more than 500.000 USD. It is one of the most expedient investment strategies for Turkish citizenship. This application will be sent to Turkey's Capital Markets Board.

We get an "Approval Document for Citizenship" from the bank, which is required for citizenship application money investment. Bursa Homes can assist you in gathering and filling out the necessary documents. Finally, the application is delivered to the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs, and final signatures are requested

Q: Can I purchase many funds or bank deposits? Or do I have to purchase just one fund worth more than 500.000 USD?
A: You can invest in multiple funds and place a portion of your money into a bank account worth more than 500.000 USD.

However, you must apply for all of them at the same time. The government approves citizenship applications if the claimed values are greater than 500.000 USD.

Q: How long does the process take?
A: It takes about 2-4 months if all documents for citizenship application are ready.

Q: How long do I have to keep my investment?
A: You must adhere to the “3 years rule” and you must not sell your investment for up to three years. However, you can get your interest, profit, or dividends.

Q: Can I buy a commercial fund that guarantees rental income? Is it possible for me to obtain citizenship by investment this way?
A: Yes, any sort of fund (land, house, or commercial) is acceptable.

Q: Can the fund shares be held by more than one person?
A: Yes. You, your spouse, and any children under the age of 18 are all covered.

Q: What documents are required to obtain Turkish citizenship?
A: Once you've obtained funds with us, the Bursa Homes team will assist you with completing the necessary paperwork.

Q: What is the charge for Bursa Homes' process follow-up service?
We have extensive knowledge of obtaining citizenship through real estate investment as it is the most common method.

Bursa Homes assists you with choosing the most beneficial investment option. Once decided, we guide you to apply for citizenship until you acquire your Turkish passport. We charge 2.500 USD + VAT as a service fee.