Verified Price

The “Verified Price” states that the sales price of the property is verified directly by the owners themselves. This badge assures that our listings are presented to you with the correct prices.

It saves you time during your market research, gives you the correct information, and prohibits possible disappointments.

On our daily-updated website, we present a vast amount of property options to our customers. Unfortunately, the real estate market is filled with out-of-touch real estate platforms of other companies.

This uncurrency creates confusion in customers’ minds because they are filled with wrong information such as outdated prices, expired payment plans, even the types of properties which may already be sold.

We use the “Verified Price” badge to clear the question marks in minds. We work with the "Best Price Guarantee" principle and we are always in contact with business partners and sellers to provide the most recent information about properties we present.

For more information about diverse prices on other platforms, read our “Different Prices on Different Websites” article.