TeleProperty ®

Every day, new technologies and methods are being developed to make our lives easier and more comfortable. The same situation applies to the methods used in the real estate sector as well. As Bursa Homes ® we present you with a new and comfortable way of property purchasing: TeleProperty!

TeleProperty ®TeleProperty is a method we have developed to provide our customers with an easier property purchasing process. With the help of TeleProperty service, our customers are able to buy a property without the need of being in the same place as the property they want to purchase.

Buyers can inspect the properties they are interested in in detail through visual communication channels like Facetime, Skype, Whatsapp Video, etc. The rest of the buying process including negotiation and legal procedures can be handled with this method as well.

TeleProperty service makes the property purchasing process a lot easier, faster, and cheaper. As the leading real estate agency in Turkey, we make sure that our customers have a smooth and secure real estate buying process. We have successfully delivered hundreds of title deeds in the light of our “Zero Failure” and “100% Happy Customers” principles through the TeleProperty method since 2008. You can hear our Happy Customers’ stories on their property purchasing process with TeleProperty.

The TeleProperty system has some really great benefits. Here is why you should prefer to buy a property with TeleProperty;

Finding the Best Property According to Your Wishlist: As the leading real estate agency, Bursa Homes ® offers a wide variety of properties in Bursa. Hence, be it for residential or investment purposes, finding the best property according to your wishlist won’t be a problem. The important thing is, not to miss it due to the distances. Thanks to the TeleProperty system, you can now buy a property online before it draws anyone else’s attention as well.

Time-Limited Discount Campaigns: Sometimes sellers offer time-limited discount campaigns for their properties due to their own urgencies. Properties on sale for lower prices than their values draw more attention and are sold very quickly. This is why you should use TeleProperty to grab these properties at cheap prices.

Securing the Price: It’s customary for the companies to put their under-construction properties on sale with the lowest prices at the beginning of the construction. As the construction gets closer to completion, the property prices increase steadily. When the properties get to the ready-to-move status, they are offered at the highest prices possible. You might prefer to buy a property at its lowest price through TeleProperty, then come here when your property is in ready-to-move status.

Limited Availability: You need to act quickly if the property you want to purchase is in a major residential project as well. Major residential projects draw huge attention as they offer different types of properties and lots of amenities altogether. If your preferred property is limited in stock, you can buy it online without losing time.

Traveling Hardships: Even if traveling overseas is not as hard as before, you might not have the right time to come here to purchase your property. Or you might not want to waste time traveling, especially if you want to purchase a property for investment purposes. This is exactly the situation in which you should use TeleProperty and save time!


How Does TeleProperty Work?

Getting the Necessary Property Information: When you’re interested in a property, the very first thing we do is send you the information of the said property including price and availability lists, floor plans, property location, the title deed, and legal permits.

Online Viewing Tour: After you get the information we arrange an online property viewing tour through visual communication channels like Whatsapp Video Call, Skype, Facetime, etc.

Negotiation Stage: Once you’ve made up your mind on purchasing the property, we negotiate with the seller for the final price, payment plan, and other terms of delivery.

Signing the Sales Contract: After both sides agree on the sales conditions, our experts prepare the sales contract and forward it to the seller to sign firstly. After the seller put his/her signature on the contract, we forward it to you through 2 methods;
1. We scan the contract and send it to you through e-mail. We will keep the original contracts at our office to convey to you when you pay our office a visit.
2. We dispatch both copies to your address through the postal service. You put your signature on both copies and send the seller’s copy back through the postal service.

Making the Payment: Once the seller signs the sales contract, you can transfer the payment to the seller’s bank account.

Getting Title Deed: You may directly get your title deed by yourself. You can give us a power of attorney to get the title deed on your behalf to save time as well.

Want to find a house to live a dreamy life in Turkey? Call now for TelePropery!