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Yalova continues its rapid growth with its strategic location and large-scale transportation projects, the city is growing in tourism, conference tourism, and medical tourism while attracting investment in industry, clean industry, real estate industry, agricultural industry, and trade at various levels.

Commercial Property for Sale in YalovaYalova, which faced difficulties in revealing its urban identity due to its proximity to major cities such as Istanbul, Bursa, and Kocaeli, is the focus of many sectors, from automobiles and machinery to logistics, after the Korfez Bridge and the Istanbul-Bursa-Izmir highway project. And now it is developing, taking advantage of its proximity to these cities. For example, industrialists who wish to transfer their production and projects from Istanbul to other places, head to Yalova.
The city attracts investors from all sides and is now emerging as a new and distinguished center for tourism. It has also started hosting clean industry projects in addition to a group of pre-existing industries, such as the manufacture of ships, vehicles, and ornamental plants for which the city is famous. Since the industrial area is limited in the region, 59 percent of which is forested, it is expected that the trend is more towards development with clean projects and tourism projects.

Development projects in Yalova target the field of education as well as the field of tourism. Yalova University continues to open engineering departments in areas such as transportation, polymers, and operations in line with development goals.

Parallel to this, the real estate market is growing and flourishing and business for sale in Yalova can be found as offices for sale in Yalova are multi-purpose as in the case of shops available in Yalova through modern projects in addition to ready businesses that can be purchased in Yalova such as commercial properties with current income.

Yalova is one of the best destinations for investment and real estate investment

In fact, this historical city with a strategic location and a temperate climate that witnessed many civilizations in the past has become known as one of the ideal investment destinations, which has become known to local and foreign investors who come from many countries around the world. Recently, whether the goal is to spend holidays, permanent housing, or trade and investment, the demand for property for sale in Yalova Turkey is constantly increasing, and the number of foreign residents in the region is constantly increasing.

Yalova has many historical and natural places and many different cultures have met in Yalova and Yalova has gained more fame, and it has become one of the cities preferred by many for tourism and real estate.

The real estate market in Yalova has been achieving continuous growth since the beginning of the new century

Modern earthquake-resistant projects began at the beginning of the century, focusing on modern and low-rise buildings and projects according to new standards. The transportation sector, tourism sector, and education projects were developed in the city in parallel with housing and residential projects. With this development in every aspect, the region is still growing increasingly in a planned manner.

For years and Bursa Homes as a part of our mother company, Tekce Overseas®, has dealt with reputable construction companies that provide specifications within quality standards and adhere to delivery schedules. On our web pages, we offer you a list of the best flats options for those who want to buy apartments in Yalova. Over the years we made thousands of successful deals helping our clients to get full happy and perfect experiences as getting their dreams to come true.

The growth of the real estate market in Yalova has increased by almost a third. According to the data, the real estate market in the region tends to maintain the increase in real estate values. Therefore, the opportunity that we offer you includes a profitable investment and a quiet place to live that's why many people choose villas for sale in Yalova turkey.

Advantages of real estate investment in Yalova

Commercial Property for Sale in YalovaReal estate for sale in Yalova offers many advantages to investors. Today, investment in real estate, villas, or apartments in the region has accelerated. This region offers rapid growth to investors, as the region can provide a lot of profits. And the developing city created a serious demand for investors. The constant rise in real estate prices in Yalova indicates that investing in the region is a wise decision for investors.

Yalova is an ideal choice for living and investment. If you want to buy a property in Yalova, the region offers you a profitable investment with great properties for an elegant life. Where you can achieve more than one goal by buying a commercial property for sale in Yalova. You can get a good rental income or a decent profit margin through your real estate investment in Yalova.

The most popular and favorite areas in Yalova

The preferred areas of Yalova are Kadikoy, Ciftlikkoy, Cinarcik, and Termal and are very well known by investors from many countries in the field of real estate. These areas have become pioneers in investment and tourism opportunities throughout the year.

Kadikoy is located near Bursa-Uludag Ski Resort, Gulf Crossing Bridge, and not far from Sabiha Gokcen International Airport. Kadikoy is an area in the middle of green nature. The area hosts nature sports such as trekking and camping.

Ciftlikkoy is a forest village famous for cherries in Yalova. The area has a wonderful promenade, beaches, and picnic areas ideal for living.

Cinarcik boasts the best beaches in the city and is famous for its nightlife. Çınarcık receives many tourists, especially in the summer.

Termal is famous for its thermal springs, which locals and foreigners visit from different parts of the country for recreation and recovery.

Bursa Homes offers the best real estate options in Yalova with a wide range of new properties. For more information about our services and the opportunities we offer you in all our branches, please contact us directly.

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