Collaboration in Property Sales

Collaboration in Property SalesWe're Looking for Professional Overseas Agencies for Real Estate Collaboration

Tekce Overseas Gayrimenkul AŞ (previously known as Antalya Homes) is the most well-known real estate agency in Turkey. We have offices all around the country where foreigners and international property investors can buy a home.

We deal with over 100 people from 17 countries who speak 21 languages. These include English, Turkish, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, German, French, Arabic, Persian, Chinese, Pashto, Urdu, Punjabi, and others.

We have the best properties collaboration services in Turkey. We deal with many customers and property developers and therefore have the best offers guaranteed. We also have extensive legal experience and knowledge to ensure safe transactions.

A mutual real estate investment partnership agreement has a lot of benefits. The following are our guiding principles for forming a long-term partnership agreement in real estate:

What We Have to Offer (Our Services)

Collaboration in Property Sales• Income security

• Best Price Guarantee

• Customer satisfaction is guaranteed when you provide expert sales and after-sales service.

• Over 10 branches that offer local real estate expertise.

Collaboration in Property SalesWho We Collaborate With:

• Real Estate agencies, legal consultants, solicitors, and immigration program advisors are all examples of professionals who work in the real estate industry.

• We automatically reject requests for individual-person partnerships.

How the Collaboration Works

Collaboration in Property Sales• If you have a customer, you must schedule a viewing tour. We show them properties and attempt to sell them.

• You must send an email to after you have scheduled a viewing tour with the customer.

• We'll send you a reservation e-mail template containing the customer's contact information and wish list.

• The next day, you receive a report on your customers' viewing tour.

• We consider this customer to be yours even if they had previously contacted us. Because it is more valuable to arrange a viewing tour.

What We Are Expecting

Collaboration in Property Sales• Follow up with your customer and get them ready for the viewing tour.

• We should be the sole agency.

• Our property portfolio's sales prices and specifications should not be changed. The best policy is to be honest.

• Based on our shared principles, we hope to develop a long-term property partnership.

The Things We Don't Do

Collaboration in Property Sales• For client preparation purposes, we do not share any property information (pictures, location, price list, etc.) with our partners. The customer wants to know that they are dealing with a reputable organization that offers hundreds of property options. We believe that additional communication is ineffective and time-consuming.

• We do not keep track of the customer's information. We exclusively work on the basis of a viewing tour.

Please send an email to if you agree with the above. We will send you a link to sign a digital contract with your commission rate, payment options, banking details, and complete contact details.