Your overseas property purchase experience will be completed with the furniture selection at an affordable price for your dream home. Finding suitable furniture is always a difficult task, especially for foreigners.

Bursa Homes assists you in finding the best furniture for your dream home by understanding your wishes and style.

What Does “Furniture Shopping Tour” Mean?

Furniture shopping tour is one of the after-sales services of Bursa Homes. It means, Bursa Homes ensures that you will find the best furniture from the right home furniture shop.

The aim of this is to guide you and fulfill your wishes while you are shopping home furniture such as white goods, kitchen appliances, etc.

How Does a Bursa Homes Personalized Furniture Tour Work

Furniture Shopping Tour

Bursa Homes collaborates with several reputable furniture companies to improve its service quality and your shopping experience. The process starts with finding what kind of furniture you need for your dream home.

Following that, we start to search for the home furniture shop by considering your wishes, needs, and style. When we find the best options for you, we took you to special furniture stores where our company and clients warmly received.

We are with you through shopping kitchen appliances, electrical appliances, white goods, living room set, bedroom furniture, dining room set, outdoor furniture, decoration materials, home accessories, and lighting fixtures that are suitable for your style and budget.

We don’t demand any price for this process. We do this as part of our after-sales services. We want to you start your new life and make your dream home’s interior design as you wish.

We are with you about the delivery of your new furniture. Even you are not at home or in the country, we will be there for you.

You can design your dream home while saving money and time with the help of Bursa Homes' after-sales services. Bursa Homes is happy to present you the furniture tour service with its expert and professional team for %100 happiness of you.

Contact us to find the best furniture for your dream home easily with the help of an expert team.


Q: Which furniture and white goods brands does Bursa Homes work with?
A: We collaborate with several furniture companies, depending on locations.

Q: Will I pay any price for those furniture tours?
A: No, we don’t demand any price for this service.

Q: When will be delivered my furniture by furniture company?
A: Delivery times can change based on the products you buy. If the products you buy are in stock, they are delivered within 3 days generally. If they are not in stock, the company orders them from the factory and informs you about delivery time.

Q: Is there any insurance for my furniture and white goods?
A: Yes, the insurance companies present you packages, contain your furniture and other products from any damage.

Q: Should I pay extra to get guaranteed products?
A: No, companies give limited-time guarantees for them, when you buy products. The guarantee period can change depending on the products.

For instance, white goods usually have 3 years guarantees, while mattress has 10 years guarantee. If you want to extend the time, you should pay extra.