Get a Turkish Tax NumberA tax number is a ten-digit number that serves as an ID number for registrations and financial transactions such as opening a bank account, tax payments, buying property, etc. Turkish citizens’ ID numbers are also their tax numbers. That’s, they don’t need to obtain a tax number for individual transactions.

Foreigners need to obtain a tax number by going to a tax office. Tax offices can be found in all districts in Turkey. Tax offices ask for your passport and a copy of it when you want to obtain a tax number. So, getting a tax number is very easy and it is not a time-consuming task.

Tax numbers are given for free and it usually takes less than fifteen minutes, depending on the work volume at the tax office. Also, when you get a tax number in Turkey, it can be monitored in the systems of related financial institutions like banks.

As a foreigner, you will be asked for a tax ID number for many transactions such as opening a bank account, property purchase, utility abonnements, healthcare services, notarial issues, etc. After getting your tax number, you can carry out all these and other similar transactions.


Q: Where is a tax ID number obtained in Turkey?
Tax numbers can be obtained in tax offices located in every city and district.

Q: What are the required documents to get a tax number?
Only your passport and a copy of it.

Q: Why do I need a tax number?
Foreigners need tax numbers for all registrations and financial transactions in Turkey such as opening a bank account, car and house purchases, residence permit applications, etc.

Q: What is the cost of getting a tax number?
Tax numbers are obtained for free in Turkey.

Q: Can I get a tax number alone?
Yes. However, if you can not speak Turkish, this might turn into a problem. It is advised to go there with someone who can translate for you.

Q: Is it a big problem if I lose my tax number?
No. It can be received again by going to the tax office and it is not a big issue.

Q: How long is it valid?
There is no validity period for tax numbers in Turkey. You can use it lifelong once you get it.

Q: What taxes do I pay with a tax number?
Getting a tax ID number does not mean you have to pay taxes in Turkey. It is regarded as a financial ID number of foreigners in Turkey for transactions like buying property and car, opening a bank account, and tax payments such as income tax, yearly property tax, and title deed conveyance tax.