English Speaking Solicitors in Turkey

If you are buying a house in Turkey through Bursa Homes, your rights are protected by a unique real estate sales contract that has been prepared by our company lawyers. As a real estate agency, we act as a referee between the selling and buying parties. We protect the rights of both parties. For each property sale, we prepare a unique sales agreement, the guidelines of which have been written by our company lawyers. We add all specific information into the sales contract such as buyer and seller information, price, handover date and conditions, payment terms and dates, and furniture information when necessary.

When we add a new property to our portfolio, we check all information carefully as well as consider how reputable the seller or the construction company is before advertising the property on our websites. We ensure that you buy the property that is shown to you by the seller. We also make sure that you buy it under the agreed terms. With our years of experience and “Zero Failure” success in thousands of sales throughout the years, we are confident!

If you prefer hiring a real estate lawyer, we can offer you a list of independent lawyers experienced in real estate sales and speaking different languages besides English.

What Does A Lawyer Do?

The advantage property in Turkey offers is obvious. Hiring a property lawyer helps you invest under secure circumstances. Real estate lawyers check the properties in many aspects. They guide the buyers to make the purchasing process secure for them, which is one of the most important benefits of hiring a lawyer when buying property.

1. Checking the Property Legally

Property purchasing procedures and customs depend on the country where you are buying. In other terms, every country has different procedures and standards for property purchasing. As a foreign property buyer, you probably have no idea about the property purchasing procedures in Turkey. So, we recommend you to deal with a professional company like Bursa Homes.

The most critical point to take into consideration when buying real estate in Turkey is to ensure that you are buying the property that you have visited during a viewing tour. Property solicitors guarantee you such issues by handing you a Due Diligence Report.

When you hire a real estate solicitor when buying property in Turkey, your lawyer will check the property legally for the following information:

• Basement

• Mortgage debt

• Lien

• Tax debt

• Other debts and charges

• If it is freehold or not

• Owner

• Building license

• Planning permits

2. Sales Contract and Deposit Payment

Signing a sales contract is the first serious step of buying a property as it secures the property for the buyer determines the sales conditions under the agreed terms between the buying and selling parties. If you don’t know when to hire a solicitor when buying a house, it may be very advantageous to do it just before signing a sales contract. Your lawyer will warn you before any legal obligation if there is anything to consider.

The advantage property lawyers offer is a smooth buying experience ensuring that buyers will not have to deal with problems due to a lack of knowledge and experience. A property lawyer helps its clients with the processes described below.

• If the parties have signed a reservation contract before, the real estate lawyer will draft the purchase contract according to the agreed terms.

• If the parties haven’t prepared a reservation contract, the lawyer will draft a purchase contract that protects the rights of both parties legally.

• If the parties have already drafted a contract, property lawyers will review it to make sure that the contract is fully legal. They will also check if it protects the rights of their clients.

Property Lawyer Fee in Turkey

Our sales agreements are prepared by our company lawyers. Thus, Bursa Homes customers do not need a lawyer for real estate purchase in Turkey. As a matter of course, our sales contracts protect the rights of both parties legally since we are a real estate agency. With this principle, we have finalized thousands of property sales to foreigners without any failure since 2004. We guarantee our customers a nice buying experience in Turkey and 100% customer happiness.

Yet, as the citizenship by property investment program requires legal consultancy, we provide our customers a list of lawyers who can speak English and have experience in this field. You can choose one of these independent lawyers or work with your lawyer if you already have one.

Lawyers in Turkey generally ask for 2.500 USD + 18% VAT. However, keep in mind that this figure may change depending on the lawyer and purchasing details of your case.

You may also want to hire a solicitor if you are buying a commercial property. Commercial properties are purchased for investment and profit. So, you may want to protect your investment by getting consultancy services from a commercial property lawyer. Still, keep in mind that every real estate purchase is an investment whether it is a commercial property or not, and should be finalized carefully by professionals to avoid all possible problems from the beginning.

The Safest Way to Buy Property in Turkey

As foreign property buyers mostly don’t know the buying procedures in Turkey, it’s difficult for them to check if everything is done properly by the real estate agents. Although fraud in the real estate sector is rare, you should still push the right button to protect your investment and savings. A solicitor can prevent the disputes that you may face in the future.

Moreover, there are professional real estate companies in Turkey that you can buy property securely from. Working with a good real estate agent eliminates the risks and necessity to hire a lawyer. As the leading real estate agency in Turkey, we offer you 100% happiness and “Zero Failure” when buying property in Turkey. Contact us today for more information about property purchasing in Turkey and to arrange a viewing tour.