Bursa Homes provides a service that verifies your ownership of the property. A title deed (Tapu in Turkish) is used to complete the transfer procedure. Once you sign a sales agreement, our experienced sales representatives will send the necessary documents to the Title Deed Registry Office.

Unless you have appointed a Power of Attorney, you must personally attend the property deed transfer at the land registry office. At the specified time, the seller and the buyer must meet at the Land Registry office. If you are buying or selling through a power of attorney, your proxy must be present for the transaction. For foreign sales, the transfer of deed is also done in the presence of a sworn translator.

For those who do not know how to transfer property deed in Turkey, we can sum up the process as follows;

Required documents for title deed conveyance are prepared by our team,

The necessary information is forwarded to the land registry office and an application is made,

Buying and selling parties meet at the land registry office on the appointment date. The buyer pays the full amount and the property deed transfer form is signed.

As foreigners need to transfer money from their countries, title deed conveyance may take 3-5 days for foreign buyers. Before you make a money transfer from your country, you should consider the title deed transfer costs. One of the questions you should ask your agent is “How much does it cost to transfer property deeds?”. Because it depends on the property and its price.

We assist you with subscriptions such as water, gas, and electricity abonnements. If it is not a new property, we will help you transfer the abonnements from the previous owner to your name. This is done swiftly, safely, and easily.

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