Property InsuranceProperty insurance is a type of insurance policy. It provides coverage to the policyholder for damages to their apartments, houses, or other types of real estate. The main objective of real estate insurance is to provide financial compensation to the property owners or tenants for damages to their properties.

Bursa Homes ® helps its customers to find the best property insurance policy for their property in Turkey as a free after-sales service.

Unexpected damages like natural disasters or burglary are some of the things that we might encounter at any point in our lives. They might not happen very often, but they leave a great impact on our lives when they happen.

Repairing a house or purchasing new furniture and appliances because of a natural disaster or burglary is very costly. This is why people prefer to get homeowners insurance before it’s too late. Obtaining real estate insurance by paying a small fee annually will help you to avoid a huge expense when the time comes!

You can lead a more comfortable life without worrying about your house when you get real estate insurance. Also, you’ll be at more ease when you leave your house to go on a vacation or a business trip. The same situation applies to holiday homes as well.

What Is Considered Real Property Insurance?

Property insurance compensates for your losses. It finances the repairments and furnishing of your property after damage like a natural disaster or burglary. The amount of coverage varies depending on the policy you’ve agreed on. The accepted causes of damage to be reimbursed by the insurance varies as well.

Real estate insurance policies compensate for the damages to your property caused by incidents. Fire, earthquake, flood, burglary, storm, impact, lightning, strike, heavy snow, smoke, explosion, internal water, removing expenses, and fuel leakings are some of them. Some real estate insurance policies include liability coverage as well.

Different Types of Property Insurance

As we have tried to explain in the above paragraph, there are a number of property insurance policies in Turkey. You should consider the environment of your house and the human factor before deciding on which type of real estate insurance to get.

You should check out the insurance company’s financial strength rating. The company’s financial strength rating gives an idea about its credibility. The claims process is much easier with reliable insurance companies.

Most of the time, the cost of it is also a deciding factor on which type of real estate insurance to get. The cost of obtaining home insurance in Turkey varies depending on the size and the price of the home. Below are some examples of property insurance prices in Turkey;

  • 1-bedroom real estate approximately 120 Euro
  • 2-bedroom real estate approximately 160 Euro
  • 3-bedroom real estate approximately 200 Euro
  • Detached houses approximately 310 Euro.

Compulsory Property Insurance in Turkey: DASK

It’s compulsory to get earthquake insurance in Turkey. This insurance is called DASK (Doğal Afet Sigorta Kurumu). The DASK insurance is required to make utility subscriptions like water, electricity, and natural gas.


Q: How to get home insurance in Turkey?
There are a number of insurance companies offering a wide variety of insurance policies in Turkey. You can choose the best property insurance policy for your house with the help of the professional team of Bursa Homes.

Q: What does real estate insurance cost?
Real estate insurance costs change depending on the size and monetary value of the real estate.

Q: Does DASK insurance cover furniture inside my house?
No, the DASK insurance policy only covers the damages to the building.

Q: Which type of property insurance should I choose for it to cover my furniture?
There are three common types of real estate insurance in Turkey. These are building insurance, contents insurance, and homeowners insurance. Building insurance only compensates for the damages to the building itself. On the other hand, contents insurance covers the furniture inside the property.

Standard homeowners insurance must be chosen in order to get insurance for both the building and the furniture inside it.

Q: Is it a good idea to choose the holiday home insurance policy by its cost?
No, it’s not. You need to consider your property’s environment and risks before choosing a real estate insurance policy. The cheapest home insurance might not be the right one for your home.