Bursa Homes offers quality and professional property management services to homeowners in Turkey. Our experienced team provides all essential services for the properties in our portfolio. Thanks to the overall services you will get from us, you don’t need to worry about your home in Turkey while you are away.

Enrich Your Property

Property Management Services

If you are a homeowner in Turkey who does not need it all year round, you can make a good profit by renting it out for the period you are away. You can do it without any effort, just by leaving your home in safe hands who will take care of everything for you. As a result, your home will be an additional income source for you and it will be kept better when you are not in Turkey.

If you are a buy-to-let real estate investor, our property management services are just for you. Besides, if you have multiple properties, property management services are the right solution to keep your properties in a good state.

What Do Property Managers Do?

While many investors have already worked with property managers for a long time, some buyers might ask; what is property management? As its very name signifies, a property manager manages the daily works of a rental property, from finding the right tenants to collecting rent, following the maintenance needs, etc. Real estate management companies offer different services depending on the property and its needs. Common real estate management services we offer to our clients are as follows.

  • Keeping the keys safe

We hold your keys for you, your guests, and tenants and provide them any time you need, 24/7.

  • Quality Housekeeping

We offer all housekeeping services with a professional approach such as cleaning down, bed sheet change, etc.

  • Maintenance

We carry out the maintenance of your home and find the right solution in case of any problem.


We take professional photos of your home to highlight it when it is advertised for tenants.

Marketting and Listing

We generate excellent listings with professional images and 3D tours to help your property step forth on over 15 premier web portals.

7/24 Customer Support

Our customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to give you and your guests complete comfort and pleasure.

Optimal Pricing Follow Up

We make sure your property is always priced for maximum occupancy, by keeping a close eye on the rental market.

Design Assistance

By professionally managing the aesthetic of your property, we can help you maximize the revenue you receive from your rental and ensure that your guests have a wonderful vacation experience.

Performance Feedback

We give online monitoring of your property's performance, income and expenses, and the objectives you ought to work on.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Hiring a Property Management Company?

  • Super Host Status

Improve your listing's search placement and visibility to attract more visitors by becoming an Airbnb Superhost.

  • Nice tenants

Tenants that pay on time and cause fewer issues are a plus for you and your property.

  • Highest Possible Yield

Increase your rental income by 60-100 percent when compared to normal long-term renting.

  • Stress-Free Process

Manage several homes without having to deal with any issues.

  • Adjustable Calendar

Keep your home for yourself anytime you like, and we'll look after it while you're away.

  • Legal Assistance

Property management companies will do the paperwork and follow all procedures lawfully.

Is It Profitable To Invest in Rental Property in Turkey?

Whether you buy it for reselling purposes after a period or it is a buy-to-let investment, buying a property in Turkey is always a profitable investment. Buy-to-let properties are one of the most common investment instruments in the Turkish real estate market since they offer a good return on investment both in the long term and short term rental options.

Property Management Services

However, without the assistance of an expert, it might be difficult to realize their potential. Homeowners may save time and money by hiring a professional estate property management agency.

So, what does a property manager do for you? In short, working with an experienced property manager can help you make more money! In addition to what we have already stated, they provide you with the conveniences listed below.

  • You can safeguard yourself against rental fraud. You always receive your rent on time. Property management firms have the authority to enforce lease terms and take the necessary actions to guarantee homeowners are completely compensated if renters do not pay their rent on time.
  • Without a marketing plan, even the best rental homes might sit unoccupied for a long time. Using a rental management firm ensures that your home will be listed on rental venue websites. In order to attract a wider number of people in less time, an experienced property management agency produces hundreds of advertisements, takes high-quality images, and understands where to market.
  • You have no option but to make yourself available when a prospective renter requests to see your property. Lack of time might result in missed renters. The rental property management system allows for quick check-in and check-out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
  • If you deal with a competent firm, language will not be an issue. Property management businesses with a lot of experience have a bilingual staff and solid relationships with vendors, maintenance personnel, manufacturers, developers, and tradespeople. Apart from that, property management is in charge of coordinating all contact between the homeowner and the tenant.
  • Measuring is the first step in good rental management. With online monitoring, property management allows you to examine the state of your property at a glance. Data is reported correctly and transparently by professional real estate investment management agencies. These property management reports show you how the property is doing, what goals you should be focusing on for that property or portfolio, and how you can make more money.

The main benefit of working with a rental property management organization is that you will have access to a team of qualified experts. You'll have a piece of mind knowing that your property will be well-managed and that all of the worries won't fall solely on your shoulders while generating a profit. Here you can find rental income properties in Turkey.

Why Choose Us As Your Property Manager?

Because we are digital marketing professionals for rental homes, all of our properties will receive more visibility on key portals such as Booking.com, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, and others. Professional photoshoots, bed linen supply, cleaning, 24-hour check-in, repair and maintenance, 7/24 guest service, and interior design advice are all services provided by Property Managers. In addition to these services, homeowners are obtaining help with short-term lease licenses (if their homes are suitable).

Feel free to contact us for additional information and to take advantage of this offer. You will discover property management advantages with Bursa Homes.


Q: Are there any requirements that properties must fulfill to enter the system?
Being in a sought-after area, well-kept, and well-designed will be a deciding factor. In addition, a checklist of goods that should be in the house will be provided.

Q: How is an agreement reached, and how soon can it be done?
Within a week of the initial communication, an appointment will be made up with the owner or his/her representative. If all goes well, the residence can be coordinated into the system during the first appointment. The contract is normally for one year.

Q: How does the homeowner receive payment?
The payment will be sent by a bank transfer to the owner's IBAN. The previous month's total revenue is paid between the 8th and 15th days of the following month.

Q: Is my key safe and where is it kept?
Each key is kept in a safe place with a barcode to make tracking easier.

Q: What happens if visitors don't return the keys?
When this occurs, we contact the visitors or renters and request that they return the keys to us by mail. If the keys are not returned or are lost, the lessor's deposit will be used to replace them.

Q: Is it possible for the owner to stay in the property for a while? Is there a minimum and maximum time limit?
The hosts are required to leave at least 80% of their time available during the rental term (this rate may be flexible for special occasions). The owner should notify us two weeks ahead of time about the duration of the stay. If a definitive reservation has been made for the stated dates, these dates should be reserved for the customers/tenants because there is no way to cancel.

Q: What happens if the house is damaged in any way?
The internet sites where the properties are advertised have guarantees in place to protect the seller. Compensation may be available if the injury is proved. To safeguard the owners, a deposit is required for local channels that are rented for long periods. The owner should compensate for any damages caused by anyone other than the renters.

Q: Should the owner insure the house against fire, water, theft, and other perils? Do you inquire about any other types of coverage?
It is entirely up to the property owner, although we strongly advise getting insurance. The cost and dangers may vary. Our skilled team can assist you in any situation.

Q: How do long-lasting things become renewed?
You can use the appliance as long as it works. The more recent their possessions are, the greater the impact on the home's value. As a result, the landlord is the one who takes the initiative for remodeling and, if required, bears the costs. If the item is the subject of a complaint or if the need for adjustment is clear, the landlord is notified and provided the required guidance/advice.

Q: What is the policy on non-durable products such as linen and towels? Who is footing the bill? How do you acquire the landlord's approval?
When the residence is first incorporated into the system, the owner bears the whole obligation and cost of fully preparing it for rental. We assist and advise. We refurbish non-durable goods and hygiene products such as shampoo, soap, and other similar items once the rental period begins, without charging them to the owners.

Q: What is the procedure for paying utility bills?
The landlord is responsible for all of the utility costs. If he/she makes a demand, we can follow them and collect the payments if they submit a pre-determined payment method so that we may set up automatic payment orders on behalf of the landlord.

Q: How do you handle monthly property fees, taxes, and the like? Do you follow and pay them?
Property costs are the obligation of the owner. If he/she makes a demand, we can follow them and pay if they submit a pre-determined payment method so that we may set up automatic payment orders on behalf of the landlord.