Bursa Homes ® is a real estate brand of Tekce Overseas Gayrimenkul AŞ. We are the leading real estate company in the market since 2004. We are here for you if you want to sell your house fast and safely.

Why Should You Work With Bursa Homes?

Sell Your PropertyMaximum Visibility

We publish property ads on our website and also in the local real estate portals. Our website is one of the best online property selling sites in Turkey. It attracts thousands of property buyers from all over the world.

Sell Your PropertyInternational Buyers

We have a multi-cultural team who speak more than 20 languages. We publish properties in 10 different languages to create a diverse customer portfolio. This way, we reach local property buyers and foreign real estate investors.

Sell Your PropertyProfessional Advertising

We specialized in how to sell real estate in Turkey since 2004. We combine our experiences with strong advertising skills to provide the best service. Our professional photographer takes pictures of your property and the editor team makes the ad ready for publishing.

Sell Your PropertyOne-Stop Agency

We provide all the services you may need while selling an investment property in Turkey. This will save you time and provide an easy process to sell your property fast.

We reach serious customers with customized marketing strategies and filtrating non-serious buyers. You can also benefit from services such as the key-keeping and viewing tour organizations. We also finalize the process and deal with official paperwork.

Sell Your PropertyReal Estate Valuation

The submission of a real estate valuation report became mandatory in 2019. Bursa Homes ® works with state-approved experts and they will determine the real value of your property with comprehensive market knowledge.

100% Happiness and Zero Failure

As Bursa Homes ® we work with Zero Failure Policy and 100% Happiness Principle. We have delivered thousands of title deeds smoothly. We only work with trusted business partners and sellers. We aim to complete a successful sale process with our well-trained team with experience in selling real estate.

Steps of Selling Your Real Estate Online

1. Checking the Documents

We examine the legal documents and informations of the property. The title deed is the most important document of them all. It states the ownership. Industrial permits may be submitted while selling commercial property. A document proving the property is debt-free must be obtained for the land registry office to finalize the selling procedures. Our experts must take a look at the documents to gather the correct information to present our customers.

2. Examining the Property

Our experts will visit your property to determine its real value of it. We suggest you deal with any damaged parts or broken down units. This will help you to maximize your profit.

3. Preparing the Property Ad

We create your property’s ad after agreeing about sales conditions. Our photographer will take photos of your real estate. We’ll gather all the necessary information to prepare and publish the ad to sell real estate online. You should be set for a potential viewing tour after the ad is published. You will not have to be there in person for a viewing tour. You can leave your key to someone you trust or we can keep it for you.

4. Sales Process

The sales process starts right after the home is inspected. We start the sales transactions immediately if the buyer decides to buy your property. We proceed with the process on your behalf and keep you informed about every aspect. We keep in touch through the whole journey, from getting the deposit to signing the title deed.

Sell Your Property

Contact us to discuss the details of the selling process. The expert team of Bursa Homes ® is happy to guide you.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about Selling a Real Estate

Q: What kind of properties does Bursa Homes sell?
Bursa Homes ® offers all kinds of properties to its customers. We sell a wide range of residences from apartments to detached houses. Our listings have commercial properties such as shops, offices, and business centers.

There are commercial properties such as shops, offices, and business centers in our listings. We also offer plots with construction or commercial permits and farmlands.

Q: What are the costs of selling a property?
We charge a real estate agent fee for the procedures. There might be additional expenses such as pre-existing debt or you may need to pay taxes. If you own the property for 5 years, you are not obliged to pay the income tax.

Q: How the purchase price is determined?
You can benefit from the experiences and guidance of our expert team with comprehensive market knowledge. The real estate professionals will consider certain details such as the location, conditions, etc.

Q: Can I sell my property as furnished?
Yes. You can sell a property with furniture.

Q: I want to sell my property fast. How long does it take to sell a property?
The conditions of the property play an important role in the selling period. Finding the actual buyer may take 3-6 months. The legal sales procedures might take 2-5 days.

Q: Is it necessary for the owner to be present in person for the viewing tours?
No. Our real estate agents will present the necessary information to the potential buyer. You only need to leave the key to someone you trust or our office.

Q: When will I get the full payment?
The whole payment should be made at the title deed transfer, just before the signatures.

Q: What are the advantages of working with Bursa Homes?
We own one of the best websites to sell property with thousands of visitors daily. Our property ads are created by a hard-working team including portfolio supervisors, digital marketing experts, photographers, graphic designers, and editors.

We reach a vast amount of actual property buyers in a short period with advanced advertisings skills and correct marketing strategy. Finding the actual customer will save you time and energy. You will also sell your property smoothly, easily, and quickly.