Utility SubscriptionsAs Bursa Homes, we assist our customers who purchase property within the scope of our free after-sales services, in their subscription processes.

When you buy a property in Turkey, you have the title deed in your name. After you take the title deed, we help you with your electricity, water, gas, and internet subscriptions. We show you the shortest and easiest way in the subscription process or we carry out the entire subscription process on your behalf if you give us power of attorney.

You must have DASK (Turkish Catastrophe Insurance Pool) insurance to apply for subscriptions in Turkey. DASK is an insurance policy mandated by the government and must be renewed every year. The average cost of it is 250 TL.

Required documents for DASK;

• Tax number
• Personal phone number (must be valid in Turkey)
• Full address of the property
• Year of construction of the property
• Number of storeys of the property
• Name-surname of the property owner

After receiving your DASK insurance, you can apply for subscriptions.

Electricity Subscription

Utility SubscriptionsElectricity service in Turkey is provided by private companies. You must first contact the company's customer service to apply for a subscription. Then, you should pay the requested subscription fee and get your subscription.

The average cost of an electricity subscription is approximately between 200 TL and 850 TL. After submitting all the necessary documents, your subscription is completed within 2 days.

Required Documents for Electricity Subscription:

• DASK policy
• Copy of the title deed
• Occupancy permit
• Personal tax number
• Original and copy of passport
• Personal phone number

Important note: If your passport is not written in the Latin alphabet, a notarized translation may be required. The fee for a sworn translator is between 250 TL and 500 TL.

Water Subscription

Utility SubscriptionsWater service in Turkey is provided by municipalities. The official water provider company in Bursa is BUSKİ. If you are applying subscription the first time to a newly completed property, the average cost of the subscription is 360 TL. Subscription processes are completed in an average of 3 working days when all required documents are submitted.

Required Documents for Water Subscription:

• DASK policy
• Copy of title deed
• Occupancy permit
• Original and copy of passport
• Personal phone number

Internet Subscription

Utility SubscriptionsInternet service in Turkey is provided by private companies. As a result of the recently developing internet sector, the number of internet companies in Turkey is constantly increasing. You can find the tariff suitable for your wishes and needs in different companies. You can get your internet subscription within 3 days when the required documents are delivered.

Documents Required for Internet Subscription:

• Full address of the property
• Residence permit document
• Personal phone number

When the application process is completed, you will receive a notification message. You can pay your bill to banks, internet branches, or bill payment centers with the user number in this message. Internet fees vary from company to company.

Gas Subscription

Gas distribution in Turkey is carried out by private companies. The gas supplier company in Bursa is Bursagaz. The average cost for a gas subscription application for the first time is between 1500 TL and 3000 TL. After the necessary documents are submitted, the subscription completion process may take 1 or 2 weeks depending on the density.

Documents Required for Gas Subscription:

• Copy of property owner's ID/passport
• A copy of the building permit
• Residence permit
• Water bill
• Tax board, certificate of incumbency for commercial subscribers


Q: Is it possible for the service to be active on the day I apply for the subscription?
A: No, usually same-day activation is not possible. Once the required documents are submitted, the activation of the service may take more than two business days. Depending on the density, this period is three working days for electricity and water subscriptions, while it can be extended to one or even two weeks for internet and gas subscriptions.

Q: Do I have to pay any fees for the application process?
A: Yes, you have to pay a certain amount of deposit for other subscriptions except for the internet subscription. When you cancel the subscription, this amount is refunded by the companies.

Q: Will I pay a constant fee for electricity service in Turkey?
A: No, you pay as much as you consumed in Turkey. Every month, company employees come to your home and check the meter, determine the cost of the service you use, and leave your bill at your home.

Q: Which options can I use to pay my bills?
A: You can pay your bills in Turkey at bill payment centers, banks, and post offices. You can also use mobile banking to pay your bill or give an automatic payment order via your bank account.

Q: Can foreigners manage their subscription processes themselves?
A: Yes, of course. However, since many officers cannot speak a foreign language, it would be more beneficial to carry out the process with someone who speaks Turkish to avoid the lack of communication.

Q: Can someone else submit my subscription applications on my behalf?
A: It is not possible for someone else to apply on your behalf. However, the person, you give power of attorney, can handle the whole process on your behalf. If you give us power of attorney, our experienced and expert team will handle the whole process for you.