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Anil Arjan S.Anil Arjan S.

Hi Can, I leave this to you to share with Alaa, Ozkan, and Sefa. Thanks, Anil.

Last December 2021, my family and I visited Istanbul to research citizenship by investment in property, and we met up with 2 specialist companies, one of which was www.istanbulhomes.com. While both companies were true professionals, we finally decided to proceed with www.istanbulhomes, particularly for a few reasons that touched our hearts. Firstly, Mr. Can Gürses, learned that we were also researching on possible universities for our son, and he took the time around his busy schedule to drive us around Bahcesehir University (in addition to showing us properties within Istanbul, both European and Asian sides). Secondly, he continued to keep in contact with us, after we left Istanbul, and enquired on our well being on a personal level. In February 2022, we decided to proceed with purchase of an apartment in Bursa with the intention of applying for citizenship under the minimum threshold of USD 250K. Alaa Arabi and Ozkan Yurdakul from their Bursa office have managed the processes related to procurement extremely professionally and diligently, and continue to take responsibility and accountability for ensuring successful completion until the end. On April 13th 2022, before receiving title deed of my apartment, news broke out that Turkey is changing its regulations and increasing investment threshold to USD 400K (later we learned that deadline is set to June 13, 2022). I panicked, discussed with www.istanbulhomes.com (same as www.bursahomes.com), and since then, they went into high gear to follow-up with the developer on title deed and registration. I was extremely happy to get news from Ozkan Yurdakul on June 7th 2022, that my title deed was registered on that day, and therefore, we have qualified safely to proceed with application for citizenship under the old regulations. Sefa Yilmaz, their lawyer, has also been extremely responsive in advising all paperwork requirements clearly, and responding to so many queries we had. While possession of apartment, arranging utility registrations, furnishing and citizenship application remain pending, they have assured me of their continued support and I am confident of their successful delivery given the quality of service I have received so far from all 4 individuals. Once again, big thanks and God’s blessings to (i) Can Gürses, (ii) Alaa Arabi, (iii) Sefa Yilmaz and (iv) Ozkan Yurdakul. There indeed are good people in this world, like you, who help good people.

Thank You So So Much,

Anil Arjan S.