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Syed Y.Syed Y.

Assalaamu Alaikum,
I am Syed, a computer scientist with specialization in Artificial Intelligence.

Gratitude is the Hallmark of human kind, hence, in this context, I would want to thank Bursa Homes and in particular Alaa as a token of my appreciation and gratitude.

When you want to buy a dream house abroad, it is definitely not an easy decision, things in the context of trust factor really concerns. Also, due to COVID-19, traveling was restricted in 2020, it became even more challenging to decide.

Fortunately, for me when I got in touch with Bursa Homes, I was put across Alaa, who was handling my property portfolio. Alaa has demonstrated a very high level of integrity in everything thing he has done... right from taking me through the property online during COVID-19 to getting the:

1. Title deed
2. Utilities
3. Furniture
4. Bank account
5. With respect to Resident Permit, currently, Alaa has been working with an expert lawyer Sefa, who is handling my case in the best possible way.

Last but not least, Bursa Homes must be lucky to have an awesome employee like Alaa... With people like him working with Bursa Homes, it would only skyrocket the brand of the company.

I will not be exaggerating if I say that I have a younger brother Alaa, who is taking care of matters concerning me and ensuring it to closure.

I wanted to bring this to you as a token of my appreciation and gratitude again for the commendable job both Sefa and Alaa have done related to the RP of myself and my family. It seemed very difficult but your team didn't give up .. they have done immense research into this and found a solution that helped.

Thank you once again.


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