Houses for Sale in Bursa & Yalova

Bursa Homes ® offers a wide variety of houses for sale in Bursa and Yalova. Contact us now to own a house in Bursa or Yalova from detached houses to luxurious sea view villas.

Houses for Sale in Bursa & YalovaBursa and Yalova are two major developed cities in the Marmara Region. Marmara Region is located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. The region not only draws attention with its strategic location as the bridge between two continents but also with its aspects as well.

First of all, Marmara Region has a very long history. The region has seen the rules of many great empires like Byzantine, Roman, and Ottoman. As a result of this, the region has a diverse cultural background and many historical structures and monuments.

Secondly, Marmara is the locomotive of Turkey in several sectors. Namely, industry, trade, tourism, and education are some of them. The region offers all kinds of daily and social amenities, making the region one of the most comfortable places to live.

Marmara Region is also the biggest in Turkey in terms of population. As a result of this, the region is the perfect choice for making a profitable investment. This situation drives more and more people to invest in the region.

Bursa and Yalova have a big share in this situation as they are two major developed cities in the region. The cities draw the attention of millions of visitors and investors owing to their respective aspects as well. This greatly affects the real estate market in Bursa and Yalova.

Real Estate Market of Bursa and Yalova Becomes More Lively Day by Day

The metropolitan districts of Bursa accommodate many factories, large companies, and some of the most prominent universities in Turkey. Many people come here to study or to establish a new business. As the real estate market becomes more lively each day, buying property in Bursa becomes more profitable.

Commercial properties in Bursa are widely preferred by investors. The demand for accommodation is quite high as well. This makes buying and renting out apartments for sale in Bursa Turkey a profitable investment option too.

Yalova, on the other hand, offers a more tranquil and peaceful life and proximity to the metropol cities like Bursa and Istanbul. People who have businesses in Istanbul but want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city prefer buying apartments in Yalova.

Although other types of properties in Bursa and Yalova are quite popular as well the most sought-after property type would be house.

What are the Characteristics of Houses in Bursa and Yalova?

Houses for Sale in Bursa & YalovaHouses for sale are surely the most popular type of property in Yalova and Bursa, as they offer various lifestyles depending on their characteristics. It’s possible to find lots of Yalova and Bursa houses for sale for every need and budget.

If you want to lead a comfortable life in a serene area but have a rather low budget, you might prefer cheap houses for sale in Bursa Turkey. There are also lots of luxurious villas for sale Bursa Turkey.

The luxurious villas in Bursa have some really fancy features. For instance; smart home systems, jacuzzis, saunas, Turkish baths, terraces, swimming pools, children’s playgrounds, pergolas, barbeque areas, winter gardens, greenhouses, and many more.

In addition to these features, homes for sale in Bursa Turkey usually have stunning forest or sea views. Karacabey, Mudanya, and Gemlik districts are where you can find the most magnificent Bursa house for sale with stunning sea views.

Houses for sale in Yalova Turkey are by no means inferior to the ones in Bursa either. They also have many luxurious features and stunning views of the sea and forest. All districts of Yalova lie on the shores of the Marmara Sea, so it’s quite possible to find sea view houses in all of Yalova’s districts.

Their magnificent sea and forest views, luxurious features, spacious and practical living areas, a wide range of amenities, and tranquil and peaceful atmosphere make villas in Yalova the most preferred type of property for sale in Yalova Turkey.

If you want to learn more about the buying process in Bursa and Yalova you can check out our Buying Guide or contact us without hesitation!

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