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A Tranquil City: Yalova

Land for Sale in Yalova | Plots in YalovaThe history of Yalova dates back to BC. It has been a part of important civilizations throughout history. Once Yalova was a district of Istanbul in the first times of Turkey, it was separated from Istanbul in 1995 and became a city.

Yalova is a tranquil city located in the southeast of the Marmara Region. The city has amazing views, a mild climate, and a peaceful atmosphere thanks to its advantageous location. Besides all these, it is famous for its thermal resorts.

Yalova attracts thousands of tourists every year with its ancient ruins and natural beauties. In addition to all these features, one of the best features of Yalova is its proximity to cities such as Istanbul, Bursa, Izmit.

As a result of the combination of all these features, the real estate sector in Yalova is growing day by day. Therefore, new investment opportunities occur. These opportunities draw the attention of domestic and foreign investors to Yalova.

Real Estate in Yalova

After the big earthquake in 1999, the properties in Yalova started to be planned again. According to this planning, new properties in Yalova began to be built as lower structures. Therefore, villa-type buildings began to be more popular.

With this popularity of villas, anyone, who wants to buy a home in Yalova, can find a villa suitable for their requirements and budgets. People, who are living in the surrounding cities such as Istanbul, Bursa, and Izmit prefer these properties to escape from busy and noisy city life.

The most common property type is flats in Yalova city center. Yalova, which is hosting luxury housing projects, offers a tranquil lifestyle even in the city center with its rich facilities. The real estate sector in Yalova, which is growing day by day, offers different investment opportunities.

Real Estate Investment in Yalova

Real estate investment is one of the most common and safest ways to invest. One of the key points of real estate investment is to find the right property in the right city. Yalova has investment opportunities for investors with its wide portfolio range.

According to the data of the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre, more than a thousand properties have been sold to foreigners in Yalova, which attracts the attention of domestic and foreign investors. Also, in the light of these data, Russia, Britain, and German citizens have the most interest in properties in Yalova.

However, Yalova has been preferred by Arabs due to its proximity to Bursa and Istanbul recently. There are approximately two thousand people from Dubai who are living in Yalova. Real estate prices are constantly increasing due to these high demands.

The property type invested in the real estate sector can vary. Some people want to buy flats and expect regular rental income. Some decide to buy commercial real estate in Yalova and make an advantageous investment in the Marmara Region, which is the heart of the industry in Turkey. Others prefer to buy land in Turkey Yalova as a long-term investment.

Land For Sale in Yalova Turkey

Land for Sale in Yalova | Plots in YalovaMaking investments on land is the longest term and most profitable investment type in the real estate sector. Also, it is the type of investment that requires the most knowledge. For this reason, you should work with an expert, who can find the best options for you before purchasing land.

Land investments are also divided into themselves. Types of use and permits for lands may vary. For this reason, you should know exactly what you bought it for before you buy a land. Some land types are as follows;

Recreational Lands: This type of land is reserved for people’s entertainment and recreation needs. Facilities such as parks, green areas, playgrounds, and swimming pools can be built on these lands. However, they are not suitable for residential or commercial properties.

Transport Lands: This land type is reserved for the transportation needs of the public. It is suitable for structures such as roads, train stations, and airports. However, this type of land is not suitable for residential and commercial properties.

Agricultural Lands: These lands are reserved for agriculture and livestock. Yalova is one the most important cities in Turkey in the cultivation of kiwi and ornamental plants. If your business is about agriculture, buying farmland in Yalova for sale may be a good choice for you.

On the other hand, sheep and goat breeding is also carried out in Yalova. If you want to invest in this sector, buying agricultural land in Yalova is one of the best options.

Residential Lands: The purpose of these lands is to meet people’s housing needs. Residential and villa projects can be built on these lands. Especially, the lands, close to daily and social amenities are the first choice of foreigners buying land in Yalova.

Commercial Lands: These types of lands are critical for the country’s economy. Structures such as factories and warehouses can be built in industrial zones. However, structures such as offices, restaurants, stores, and shops are the most common types, which are built on.

If you are considering buying land in Yalova, Bursa Homes offers the best options for you. You can find land suitable for your needs and wishes with the best price guarantee. For more information, you can check out our website or visit us in our Bursa Office.

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