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Yalova is a beautiful and developed city with lots of green plateaus and thermal springs located in the northwestern part of Turkey. The city that is lying on the eastern coasts of the Marmara Sea offers picturesque views, a mild climate, and a calm atmosphere.

The city’s history as a settlement goes as back as 3.000 BC. The city previously known as Pylae or Pylai has seen the rules of Hittites, Phrygians, Romans, Byzantines, and Ottomans. In antiquity, the city was seen as the gateway to Asia and had geostrategic importance. This is the main reason for the city’s rich historical and diverse cultural background.

Yalova draws the attention of many visitors not only because of its cultural and historical background but because of its magnificent natural beauties as well. The city that is lying on the shores of the Marmara Sea is one of the best choices for a tranquil seaside vacation.

The developed city Yalova has a buoyant economy. The city is among the top 15 cities in Turkey in terms of economy. Industrial production, retail businesses, and the hospitality sector take up the most of economic activities in Yalova. As a result of this, the city offers its inhabitants a comfortable life with a wide range of amenities.

Its natural beauties, comfortable and peaceful lifestyle, a buoyant economy, and proximity to Istanbul and Bursa make Yalova not only a good place to live but also a great choice to make a profitable real estate investment.

Get to Know Yalova Real Estate Market Better

As a result of the reasons we have briefly explained above, the Yalova property market is quite lively and ever-growing. It’s possible to find all kinds of Yalova property for sale for every budget and for every purpose.

Knowing the real estate market of the city will not only allow you to find your ideal place to live at the best price but will also help you to make a profitable real estate investment. There are a number of different criteria to consider depending on your purpose of purchase.

Let’s review the property types in Yalova together;

Property for Sale in Yalova | Real Estate in YalovaHouses: Houses for sale in Yalova Turkey is probably the most preferred type of property in the city. The tranquil atmosphere, magnificent nature, and wide range of amenities make Yalova the perfect spot for retirees and for people who want to enjoy a calm vacation.

The city that is lying on the shores of the Marmara Sea offers magnificent sea views from all districts. As a result of this, Yalova accommodates many sea view villas. Houses in Yalova have modern and practical layouts to provide a comfortable place to live in. Additionally, they are generally equipped with luxurious features like private gardens, pools, saunas, Turkish baths, and more!

Apartments: Apartments for sale in Yalova stand out as a budget-friendly option for a comfortable life. Apartments in Yalova generally reside in luxurious complexes.

While some complexes offer a comfortable life owing to their proximity to daily and social amenities, some of them provide rich on-site amenities. There are even some apartments residing in unique thermal hotel concept complexes.

Additional to creating comfortable spaces to live in, apartments in Yalova also create opportunities to make a profitable real estate investment as well. The city is open to seasonal population movement owing to the tourism and education sectors. This situation increases the demand for rental apartments in Yalova.

Commercial Properties: Buying commercial properties in Yalova stands out as an easy and profitable method to make an investment. As we have mentioned in the above paragraphs, Yalova not only has a vigorous economy itself but it’s also very close to the leading industrialized cities in Turkey; İstanbul and Bursa.

Yalova’s strategic location makes it a great place to start up a new business or establish new facilities like branch offices or warehouses for existing businesses. If you don’t want to engage in commercial activities here then buying and renting out commercial properties in Yalova is a great option for investment as well.

Lands: Investing in lands is certainly the most profitable option among real estate investment options. However, making a profitable land investment requires immense knowledge regarding the area and experience in the real estate market.

You should make sure to get professional guidance from local experts before making a land investment. Professional real estate agents can find you the most suitable lands for your preferred investment method.

Lands in Yalova have vast usage areas. While some of them are suitable for cultivating agricultural products, some of them are reserved for industrial and commercial usage. It’s also possible to make a great profit by constructing residential properties like apartments, detached houses, and villas.

Whether you are looking for a comfortable place to live in or a place to earn a profit, it’s always better to work with local real estate agents to get the best deals with your budget. The expert team of Bursa Homes is only a call away to help you out on your Yalova property purchase journey.

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