Bursa Homes Müşteri Görüşleri

Bu sayfa, Bursa Homes ® ile gayrimenkul satın alan müşterilerin deneyimlerini aktardıkları "Müşteri Görüşleri" sayfasıdır. Bursa Homes ® ile hayallerindeki eve sahip olan müşterilerimizin görüşlerini inceleyebilirsiniz.

Aydın I.TÜRKİYE We greatly appreciate your feedback, the opinions of our customers play a crucial role in shaping our future approaches to ensure 100% customer happiness. Thank you for the kindest words of Mr. Aydın, we want to express our gratitude for your thought... Daha Fazlası
Amee K.AMERİKA BİRLEŞİK DEVLETLERİ I recently made a significant investment by purchasing a property in Bursa, Turkey, and I am excited to share some aspects of this process that was made much smoother by the exceptional team of real estate professionals who provided me with excellent... Daha Fazlası
Vivan Anil S.BİRLEŞİK ARAP EMİRLİKLERİ Good Afternoon; I would say that “Tekce Group” are “Life Relocation Consultants” who provide exceptional end-to-end customer experience, versus just “Property Agents” who sell successfully and then leave you to manage life in a new country without su... Daha Fazlası
Elena R. & Dmitry P.RUSYA Good afternoon. We would like to express our gratitude to your company and especially to some employees for their care and support in solving many issues, including everyday problems. We want to mention Sezer Bartan. We are also pleased with the appe... Daha Fazlası
Bashir A.HİNDİSTAN I am extremely excited and delighted to say that I have purchased 2 apartments from Bursa Homes through the expertise of Mr. Amir Wani. One apartment in 2021 and the other in 2022. I had the plan of buying property in Turkey in my mind for a long tim... Daha Fazlası
Ralf C. & Amin P.ALMANYA Dear Mr. Gulmez and Mr. Amir, In terms of the desired result, buying real estate was, I believe, a difficult birth and a challenge for everyone. However, everything worked out quickly and wonderfully and I am very grateful to everyone. I think it was... Daha Fazlası
Véronique and Amr S.FRANSA For our plan to buy an apartment in Turkey, we contacted Bursa Homes after consulting their website. From the first day of the visits, we have been completely satisfied with the services provided by the agents of Bursa Homes. They accompanied us all ... Daha Fazlası
Raheed M.BİRLEŞİK KRALLIK Dear Mr Ozkan It was a pleasure to meet you again when I arrived back in Bursa I just wanted to quickly say thank you to you and your team for the service you have provided me. My own company is heavily involved in customer service and I know what it... Daha Fazlası