Apartments for Sale in Mudanya, Bursa | Flats in Mudanya

Luxe Real Estate in Bursa within Close Range of the SeaCity, forest, and sea view, luxe real estate in Bursa Mudanya is in a luxurious complex with features such as a common garden, playground, car park, communal pool, security cameras, and elevator.
MUDANYA - BURSA2+1, 3+1, 4+12, 3
BASE PRICE2.222.000 TL
FROM128.800 EUR
Luxury Designed Apartments with Sea Views in Mudanya BursaLuxury apartments are situated in Mudanya, Bursa. Apartments for sale in Bursa are in a boutique project offering features such as a communal garden, kid’s playground, and security camera system.
MUDANYA - BURSA1+1, 2+11, 2
BASE PRICE1.222.000 TL
FROM70.800 EUR
Mudanya Apartments in a Complex with Swimming PoolApartments for sale in Bursa Turkey are situated in Mudanya, a beautiful coastal settlement of Bursa. Apartments are situated in a modernly designed project with landscaped communal open spaces.
BASE PRICE2.555.000 TL
FROM148.100 EUR
Luxury Apartments with Sea Views in Bursa MudanyaApartments for sale in Bursa Mudanya are offering a high-class lifestyle. These key-ready apartments intertwined with nature are situated in a residential complex with a large swimming pool.
BASE PRICE3.330.000 TL
FROM193.000 EUR
Key Ready Luxurious Properties with Sea View in Bursa MudanyaContemporary real estate are located in Mudanya, one of the most beautiful places in Bursa. The properties with sea views are ready to move and close to the center of Mudanya.
MUDANYA - BURSA3+1, 4+1, 5+12, 3
FROM108.300 EUR
Affordable Flats at the Central Location of Bursa, MudanyaAffordably-priced flats are located in Mudanya, Bursa. Central flats are very close to the center of Mudanya and all social amenities like the beaches, marina, restaurants, etc.
BASE PRICE2.666.000 TL
FROM154.500 EUR
Real Estate Surrounded by Forest in Bursa, MudanyaReal estate is located in Bursa, Mudanya. Real estate has facilities like a sports center, swimming pool, walking path, cafe, etc. Real estate is surrounded by forest.
MUDANYA - BURSA2+1, 3+1, 3+2, 5+12, 3
BASE PRICE1.500.000 TL6 Months installment
FROM86.900 EUR
Central Flats with Price Advantage in Bursa MudanyaLuxurious flats in Bursa, Mudanya is close to the city center and all daily amenities. The flats are equipped with a range of complex facilities and offer ease of payment options to buyers.
MUDANYA - BURSA3+1, 3+22, 3
BASE PRICE2.860.000 TL
FROM165.700 EUR