Online Title Deed Exchange System; TapuTakas Buying property in a foreign country has always been a challenging task. Especially, the relationship of trust between the seller and the buyer has always been a problem. There are some questions on both sides; When will I get the deed? How will I receive the payment?

TKGM (The Land Registry and Cadastre Office) and TakasBank developed a new system. Title Deed Swap System (TapuTakas) carries out the whole exchange of deeds process safely and easily. Thanks to this application, the seller can deliver the title deed safely, while the buyer can safely transfer money.

TapuTakas is an intermediary between the seller and the buyer. TapuTakas is an online and easily accessible application. It works in integration with TakasBank, the TKGM information system, and TAKBIS (Land Registry Information System). The system ensures that the entire process is carried out securely.

The function of the system can be summarized as protecting the buyer's money and transferring it to the seller's bank account after, the title deed is delivered. In this way, the lack of trust between the seller and the buyer ends.

The application can be easily accessed with electronic devices such as computers, phones, and tablets wherever there is internet access.

Property Exchange Deed Format in Three Steps

First Step

The seller starts the whole process by registering the system with the e-payment (receipt) number, received from TKGM, and identity information. After submitting the necessary information, the seller confirms the title deed information.

Then, the buyer begins to follow the same steps. Likewise, the buyer submits the necessary information with the e-payment (receipt) number and approves the title deed information.

Following these, both the buyer and the seller submit their IBANs into the system. However, the submitted bank accounts must be their own personal accounts only.

Second Step

The identity information of both is inquired from TAKBIS by the TakasBank system via the e-payment number. Likewise, the title deed number is also inquired and shown to both the buyer and the seller.

Afterward, the Takasbank system sends a message and e-mail (if submitted to the system) to both sides for the transfer of the sales price and commission fee.

The seller only needs to send the commission fee via the bank account that he has submitted to the system during registration. He must write the e-payment (receipt) number in the EFT statement. The TakasBank’s IBAN is TR33 0013 2000 0000 0000 0240 45.

The buyer must transfer the commission fee and the sales price to the same IBAN. Also, he must write the e-payment (receipt) number in the EFT statement. When the money transfer is completed, the sales price is blocked by TakasBank.

Note: Commission fee is 70 TL and it will not be refunded when the sale is completed or canceled.

Third StepOnline Title Deed Exchange System; TapuTakas

Being sure that the sales price is blocked is necessary by clicking the "Status Check" button on the application. Both sides are informed about this issue by message and e-mail. Once you are sure that the money is blocked, the deed transfer process can begin.

TakasBank inquires about the swapping title deed process via TAKBIS. When the deed exchange is completed at the Land Registry Office, the sale price is transferred by TakasBank to the bank account submitted by the seller.

You will receive notification messages (SMS and e-mail) sent by Takasbank at every step of the whole process. All messages are sent with the "Tracking Verification Code". Please do not pay attention to the messages that do not have a "Tracking Verification Code".

Correction Through Sale Process

Unless there is a match between the buyer and the seller on the sales price, they can cancel or make corrections. However, if money has been transferred from any of the sides, any correction cannot be made whether or not there is a match on the sales price.

If there is no match on the sales price, both sides can cancel the transaction even if the money transfer is made. The buyer has sent the sales price without matching on sales price and the sale has been canceled. The purchase price sent by the buyer to TakasBank is automatically returned to the buyer via EFT.

Can Sale Process be Canceled?

The commission fee must be paid within three business days after the buyer’s money transfer. Otherwise, the sales price will be returned to the buyer’s bank account. If the sale is canceled after the commission fee is paid, the blocked amount is returned to the buyer's account.

Finally, if the commission fee has been paid but the sale transaction has not been completed or canceled for 30 calendar days, the blocked amount is returned to the buyer's account.

Benefits of TapuTakas System

  • Save time and money
  • Protection from fraud, theft, embezzlement
  • User-friendly and easily accessible system
  • The problem of trust between the buyer and the seller ends.
  • Be informed about every step with the information messages you will receive throughout the sales process.
  • Obtaining information at any time by using the "Status Check" button
  • The sales price will be returned if the sale is canceled.
  • Since the sales price will be kept within TakasBank throughout the process, the seller is not likely to keep the money.


Q: What is an exchange deed and how to execute one in Turkey?
A: Exchange deed definition is the transfer of the right to use any property from the previous owner to the new owner. This exchange of property deed process is carried out by the land registry directorates in Turkey.

Q: Can immovable property be exchanged?
A: Yes, you can apply to the land registry offices and start to exchange deed process.

Q: How does the process continue after the sales contract?
A: The process continues with the registration of the seller in the TakasBank system. The registration must be with an e-payment (receipt) number.

Q: When will I receive the sales price after the land swap deed transfer?
A: Normally, the system will automatically transfer the money to your account when the title deed transfer is completed. However, if the process is completed out of working hours, the transfer may be delayed to the next business day.

Q: If the title deed transfer is made by someone with power of attorney, can the same person receive the sales price on behalf of the seller?
A: No. The title deed transfer can be made by someone with power of attorney. However, the sales price is transferred into the bank account of the seller registered on the system.

Q: Is TakasBank a reliable system?
A: There is a "Status Check" button in the system that allows you to be aware of every step of the process. In addition, you will be informed about the whole process with the information messages.

Q: Can the transfer be canceled if the sale is canceled at any step of the sales process?
A: Yes, it can be canceled even if the transfer process has been completed, until the title deed transfer process is approved at the Land Registry Office.

Q: Through which bank should I transfer the money to the TakasBank system?
A: You don't have to transfer the money via a specific bank. You can transfer your money through any bank you want.

Q: Do I have to send the entire sale price at a time?
A: No, you organize the sales price throughout the registration process. However, the sale can only be completed when all the money is transferred.

Q: Does TakasBank work with more than one seller or buyer?
A: Yes, the system can work with more than one seller or buyer by different registrations. However, everyone’s sales prices must match the payments to be paid.

Q: Are there any fees to be paid for the transfer?
A: No, you only need to pay 70 TL as title deed swap commission.

Q: How will I know that the SMS or e-mail notifications from the TapuTakas system are safe?
A: TakasBank sends all of its messages with the “Tracking Verification Code” throughout the process. If the code is incorrect or there is no code, the transaction request is not accepted.