There are many cities in Turkey that can be invested in real estate. The top locations to invest in Turkey are considered Istanbul and Antalya. The biggest nominee for third place is mostly thought of as Bursa.

Turkey is a huge real estate investment point in Europe. Investors from all over the world investing in real estate in Turkey benefit from various advantages. In addition to high return potential, Turkey offers numerous things to investors.

Bursa is a big center of attention in Turkey. It is a vibrant industrial city home to production centers of countless international companies. The profitable economy of the city draws the attention of both local and international investors.

In our blog, we will first look at 2023 real estate productions in Turkey and then go into more detail about Bursa.

How Will Be Real Estate Market in Turkey in 2023?

miniature houses on a graph paperThe real estate market in 2023 is expected to be more rewarding. Statistics on mortgage rates show that there will be a price decrease in the short term. The only thing to be expected to consider in 2023 is the supply.

The lowering supply in real estate can lead to big opportunities. The experts are straight on this topic. If the investors can get their desired properties at suitable prices, they should buy them.

Despite the various downsides of the global real estate market, Turkey is still advantageous. Real estate for both investment and usage will be beneficial for homeowners and investors. The most important thing is finding the right property at affordable prices.

You may use the following link to find the detailed Turkish real estate market outlook on the website of Emsal.

Bursa Turkey Real Estate Market Outlook of 2023

2 man handshaking in front of miniature apartment plan while woman stands backReal estate for sale in Bursa is demanded because of many reasons. Increasing profit potential, high-quality lifestyle, and affordable prices. These are only some of the reasons why people buy real estate in Bursa. But, there are many more.

While investing in real estate, location and amenities are very important. Bursa is located very close to Istanbul and other major cities. The developed transportation infrastructure provides easy access to these cities and to the city itself.

In the last three years, real estate prices increased by more than 400% in Bursa. Extensive options for real estate with high return potential are why people choose Bursa.

Properties Types to Be Popular in Bursa in 2023

Detached houses and apartments are expected to be most popular in Bursa in 2023. These property types always have high demand. This demand is expected to continue also in 2023. Villas and apartments in Bursa are suitable for investment, permanent living, and use as a summer houses.

While these two are popular types, commercial real estate in Bursa also has demand. In short, the vibrant real estate market and economic growth of the city are perfect for investment.

Bursa is not only preferred for these. The city also provides one of the lowest living costs among all metropolitan cities in Turkey. This is another thing to consider when choosing Bursa. Cheap houses for sale in Bursa, Turkey, and the low cost of living create the perfect combination for investment.

Trending Districts of Bursa to Buy Real Estate in 2023

Each part of the Bursa is unique. But some areas have different aspects that can be suitable for specific demography. Below, you may find the trending Bursa districts for real estate.

colorful apartments on a streetMudanya

Mudanya is the best place where the green nature combines with the azure sea. In addition to being a perfect enclave, it is a trending real estate area. New residential projects in the area supply more housing options. It is one of the most demanded areas for the Bursa villa for sale.


Nilufer is a newly developing area with a high population increase. But it is one of the most central areas in the city. There are wide amenities available in the area. By being located in the center of Bursa, it offers easy access to most points of the city. It is considered a huge interest point for an apartment for sale in Bursa Turkey.


Bursa property market outlook 2023 shows that the new trending place is Gemlik. Lush nature, tranquility, delicious food, and many more are available in Gemlik. The real estate market in Turkey Bursa has a shining star with extensive property options.

Is a Price Increase on Bursa Real Estate Expected in 2023?

aerial view of a harbor with city viewFor the long term, investing in property for sale in Bursa, Turkey will be advantageous. The market shows that there is huge profit potential in the following long period.

In this vibrant market atmosphere, having quick decisions will help investors to catch opportunities. But, while deciding, it is important to get professional consultancy.

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