People should buy property in Bursa to lead a peaceful and comfortable life, have a pleasant holiday, and to make a profitable real estate investment. Aspects of the properties in Bursa offer buyers everything they need for easy-going life and a lucrative investment or business. Let’s examine what aspects of real estate in Bursa make them the smart choice.

What Aspects of Bursa Make People Buy Bursa Homes?

Most of the time, it’s the relaxed but enjoyable lifestyle makes people buy houses in Bursa. On the other hand, some people prefer buying property in Bursa for investment purposes. Here is what encourages people to purchase Bursa property for sale;

Bursa CitycenterPeaceful, Enjoyable, and Affordable Lifestyle

Bursa is the fourth biggest city in Turkey in terms of population. Bursa province of Turkey, naturally, is a developed city where you can find everything you need for a comfortable and pleasant life. The city center accommodates countless fancy cafes, chic restaurants, stores, malls, theatres, cinemas, and museums.

Thanks to its rich shopping and activity options, the cost of living in Bursa Turkey is quite low. Despite being a lively metropol, much unlike other metropols around the world, the city center is decorated with many parks and recreational areas. This aspect of the city has recently earned it the nickname “Green Bursa”.

The temperature in Bursa Turkey is also convenient to live. Although it gets tougher as you go south, towards the famous Uludağ (which literally means Great Mountain), the Marmara Sea in the north of the city eases the weather conditions with its humidity.

When added its rich transportation options as well, Bursa offers its inhabitants a peaceful, comfortable, and pleasant lifestyle at a lower cost compared to other metropols. As the population of Bursa continues to rise owing to its lifestyle, the demand for apartments for sale in Bursa Turkey rises as well.

Bursa, Uludag, TurkiyeTourism Potential

Bursa is not only a great place to settle in but also a great place to have a pleasant vacation as well. For starters; Bursa has a rich cultural heritage as a result of it being a capital city for 28 years and later on an important trade center for Ottomans. There are many places to visit in Bursa Turkey from historical caravanserais and mosques to thermal baths.

Every year, thousands of people come to Bursa to visit historical mosques designed by world-famous architects. Thermal baths of Bursa are also worldwide known for their therapeutical aspects. The luxurious thermal resorts and hotels in Bursa attract thousands from all around the world and enhance the city’s popularity.

Last but not least, Uludağ attracts the attention of visitors as well. Uludağ is home to the biggest ski center in Turkey. The ski center offering stunning views and a comfortable environment for winter sports is easily accessible by Bursa Turkey cable car.

Strategical Location

Bursa is not only preferred because of its beauty but also because of its strategic location as well. The city lying on the southern shores of the Marmara Sea is surrounded by Yalova from the north, Kocaeli and Sakarya from the northeast, Bilecik from the east, Kütahya from the south, and Balıkesir from the west.

On top of being neighbor with some of the most developed cities in Turkey in terms of industry, Bursa also offers easy access to Turkey’s biggest three metropol cities, İstanbul, Ankara, and İzmir, thanks to its location and developed transportation network. As a result, many companies and businesses prefer commercial properties in Bursa to cut transportation costs whilst making use of the advantageous real estate market in the city.

On the other hand, many people who want to take advantage of everything that İstanbul offers choose Bursa as well because it takes less than two hours by ferry between the two cities. This way, they are able to lead a comfortable life like they would in a metropol city whilst avoiding the hustle and bustle of big cities.

Buoyant Economy

Bursa is also one of the locomotive cities in Turkey in terms of economy. Although Bursa has always been a prominent trade center since ancient times owing to its location on the historical Silk Road, its importance as a trade and production hub has peaked after the foundation of the Turkish Republic.

Automotive Factory Nowadays, on top of continuing to be a major textile producer, Bursa is also the largest production center of automotive parts in Turkey. Many world-famous automotive brands have established factories in Bursa. There are also numerous factories used for the production of beverages, canned foods, dairy products, etc.

The strategic location of Bursa and its fertile soil allows it to be a convenient place for agricultural production as well. Especially, olives and olive oil produced in this region are quite famous. The immense production capacity of Bursa and its high tourism potential that is bringing more visibility to businesses encourage other businesses and companies to move their operations to Bursa as well.

As a result of this shift in the producers and companies, properties in Osmangazi Bursa Turkey draw great attention from investors all around the world. As one of the urban districts of Bursa, Osmangazi holds great investment potential.

Hopefully, this brief article has been helpful to understand why investing in real estate in Bursa is a smart choice. Feel free to contact us for further questions on Bursa real estate options, property prices, and payment plans.