Best Price Guarantee

Bursa Homes ® presents a vast amount of properties for sale in Turkey with the “Best Price Guarantee”.

With the Best Price Guarantee principle, Bursa Homes ® assures that the properties in our listings are presented to you with the correct and best prices on the market.

We make sure that you’ve purchased your dream home with the correct value of the property.

All properties in our real estate listings are being checked by our property supervisors and office managers to provide correct information to our customers. Our experts use the following methods:

• Looking into the qualifications of other properties for sale on the same building by different owners
• Checking the biggest database portal for the estimated appraisal report
• Comparing the sales amount on other property portals
• Controlling the price on other real estate websites

In case of noticing a higher price on our website in comparison to another seller’s platform, we offer an extra 1% discount from the commission amount we receive during the negotiation. If you want to know more information about diverse prices on different websites, read our article about the subject by clicking here.

Verified Price

The “Verified Price” badge exists to clear the question marks in minds about the correctness of the sales amount. This badge justifies that the sales price of the relevant property was verified directly by the property owner.