Amee K.Amee K.

I recently made a significant investment by purchasing a property in Bursa, Turkey, and I am excited to share some aspects of this process that was made much smoother by the exceptional team of real estate professionals who provided me with excellent service and support. I commend Mr. Ozkan Yurdakul, the office manager of Tekce Overseas Bursa Branch, for putting together such a fantastic team of experts who go above and beyond to help clients find their ideal property, I also thank him for his prompt and quick reply to all my questions.

A particular thanks to Ms. Raikhan Abel of Tekce Overseas Istanbul Branch, who was my first point of contact with the company from the US. Even though I eventually decided to invest in a property in Bursa, she went out of her way to help me, including introducing me to Mr. Alaa Arabi, a great account manager from Bursa Properties who took over the transaction. Ms. Abel also took care of all the paperwork related to obtaining a Tax ID and opening a bank account and showed me around Istanbul.

Mr. Alaa Arabi demonstrated an exceptional level of patience and attention to detail throughout the process, taking the time to understand my needs and preferences to find properties that would be a good fit for me. He was always available to provide insight and advice and helped me navigate the complex process of purchasing a property in a foreign country, from visiting multiple potential buys to installing the utilities and purchasing the furniture and appliances.

I would also like to express my gratitude to Mr. Caliskan (I hope I didn’t misspell his name ) the project manager, for his insightful explanations about the property layout, the city's points of interest, and navigating around the area. His expertise and willingness to provide valuable information made me feel confident about my investment and excited to explore the city.

While there were some technical issues along the way, they were quickly resolved, and the experience was overall exceptional. I highly recommend Tekce Overseas Real Estate Company to anyone looking to purchase property abroad, given the professionalism and commitment to customer service demonstrated by the realtors and office manager.