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Bursa and Yalova are two major developed cities in the southern part of the Marmara Region. Bursa stands out both as one of the most populous cities in Turkey and as a major economic center as well. On the other hand, Yalova is the 66th largest city in Turkey in terms of population, yet it’s also the 14th largest city in Turkey in terms of economy.

Land for Sale in Bursa & YalovaTheir rich historical and cultural background, geostrategic location, scenic beauties, mild climate, fertile lands, thermal springs, and other geographical aspects have played a big part in the two neighboring cities’ development and economic growth.

The very first settlements in the region are thought to be around 5200 BC. Ever since that date, both cities have seen the rules of many great civilizations owing to their strategical location as the intersection point of Europe and Asia. Hittites, Phrygians, Bithynians, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks, and Ottomans are some of the civilizations that laid rule on these lands.

The cities drew attention as vacation places and a disembarkation point to İstanbul under Roman and Byzantian rules. Later on under Byzantian rule, and Ottoman rule as well, Bursa has become a major trading center for silk products as part of the traditional “Silk Road”.

After being agricultural and silk production and an outstanding trading center for centuries, Bursa and Yalova have also become a major industrial production center starting from the 1960s. Nowadays, Bursa and Yalova boast a lively economy and a wide range of amenities.

Economical Structure of Bursa & Yalova and the Role of the Real Estate Sector

As we have tried to briefly explain above, Bursa and Yalova have a buoyant economies owing to their high volume of agricultural and industrial production. The automotive parts industry, white goods industry, textile industry, beverage industry, food industry, and dairy production are some of the outstanding economic activities in these cities.

The buoyant economy of Bursa and Yalova and their strategic location close to offering easy access to İstanbul, Turkey’s largest city in terms of both population and economy, further encourages investors to make an investment in Bursa and Yalova to gain profit.

As the scope and capacity of economical activities in Bursa & Yalova grow, the demand for real estate in Bursa & Yalova increases as well. Entrepreneurs who want to establish a new business in Bursa and Yalova or expand their existing businesses to these cities naturally look for properties to carry out their businesses and to live in.

Entrepreneurs can find suitable commercial properties in Bursa & Yalova for every purpose. Since the retail sector and hospitality sector are also among the locomotive industries in Bursa and Yalova, shops, stores, and hotels are some of the most common types of commercial properties.

Just like many places where accommodation options fall short of the needs of the hospitality sector, villas for sale in Bursa & Yalova create an investment opportunity for entrepreneurs. People who want to enjoy a more private holiday, prefer luxurious detached houses or villas to stay in.

On the other hand, apartments are the best investment option for investors with a relatively low budget. Many workers look for rental apartments, hence buying an apartment in Bursa & Yalova and renting it out would be a profitable investment option for small investors.

However, the most profitable and the least risky real estate investment option would be buying land in Bursa & Yalova.

Why Should You Buy Land in Bursa & Yalova and Where?

Land for Sale in Bursa & YalovaAs we have mentioned above, investing in land is one of the best real estate investment choices. There are a number of reasons why. First of all, land investment is the least risky real estate investment option as lands are unaffected by time or most of the external factors.

Secondly, land investment is suitable for everyone; from individuals with low budgets to large companies and enterprises with immense capital. Third and foremost, lands provide buyers with more options for investment as they can be used for residential, commercial, and agricultural purposes.

Although you may find land anywhere in Bursa and Yalova, some types of land are easier to find in some areas. Here’s where to easily find which type of land;

Agricultural Lands: Since Bursa and Yalova are both located in the southern parts of the Marmara Region, all of Yalova and the coastal districts of Bursa benefit from the Mediterranean climate. Their mild climate and fertile soil make buying agricultural land in Bursa & Yalova an attractive choice for investment.

Although their climate and soil are suitable for cultivating tens of different types of agricultural products, farmlands in Bursa & Yalova are mostly known for their olives, peaches, chestnuts, walnuts, kiwis, pears, grapes, and ornamental plants. Çiftlikköy and Altınova districts in Yalova and Karacabey, Mudanya, and Gemlik districts in Bursa are where you should look for agricultural lands.

Residential Lands: Since you can find residential lands everywhere in Bursa and Yalova, it just depends on your preferences regarding where to buy residential lands. However, if you are looking for residential land for making a large-scale investment by constructing residential complexes, we advise you to buy from populous districts.

Mudanya, Gemlik, Nilüfer, Osmangazi, Yıldırım, Gürsu, and Kestel districts in Bursa and Merkez in Yalova are where you can make a profitable investment by residential construction.

Commercial Lands: In Bursa and Yalova, commercial lands are the most scarce type of land, so you need to work with a professional real estate agency to find suitable land for commercial purposes. However, we can advise you to look in Altınova and Merkez districts in Yalova and Osmangazi, Nilüfer, Yıldırım, and Gemlik districts in Bursa as a preliminary.

If you want to learn more about how does the purchase process goes for foreigners buying land in Bursa & Yalova, you can check out our Buying Guide or call us without hesitation!

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