Property for Sale in Bursa | Real Estate in Bursa

Bursa is located in northwestern Anatolia, within the Marmara Region of Turkey. Today, with a wide population, Bursa is the fourth largest city in Turkey after Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir. Bursa is known to be one of today's most advanced and active Turkish cities in the field of industrialized agriculture. This city is famous for its peach, chestnut, and silk. Additionally, Uludağ, one of the highest mountains in Turkey is very close to Bursa and is the main winter sports center of Turkey.

Property for Sale in Bursa | Real Estate in Bursa

Property for Sale in Bursa, Turkey

Property investors with a middle-range budget would do well to look at Bursa. The portfolio of real estate in Bursa is not as extensive as in other areas in Turkey, yet buyers will be pleasantly pleased by what is on offer. Bursa has good potential for the future with the good transport links, and real estate prices in Bursa are cheaper than in other regions.

Apartments for sale in Bursa offer you all the facilities you want. Given the family-friendly environment of residences, flats in Bursa tend to be spacious. Most of the apartments have social amenities such as swimming pools, landscaped gardens, and a children’s playground.

The Best Places to Visit in Bursa

Uludağ: Should you tire of the city's bustle, you can escape to the summit of Uludağ. Uludağ is one of Turkey’s most famous mountains and ski resorts and rises to the south of the city. In the winter, people from all around Turkey come here to do their skiing. Recently reopened cable car (Teleferik in Turkish) makes getting up and down the mountain fast and easy.

Eski Kaplıca Hamamı (Turkish Bath): Enjoy the Bursa’s thermal springs at the Eski Kaplıca Hamamı in Çekirge Neighborhood. Bursa has rich sources of hot mineral springs that public bathhouses have tapped for centuries. You can take advantage of the therapeutic hot spring water at traditional Turkish baths or at modern SPA's scattered throughout the city.

Ulu Camii: It was constructed between 1396 and 1400 by Yıldırım Bayezid, fully made up of cut stone, with very thick and high walls, 12 heavy four edged grade, with pendentives as of 20 domes. It is the most classical and monumental sample of multi-domed mosques. It has the biggest size (318 sqm) among all of the Turkish mosques with its rich and roomy space.

Saitabat Waterfall: Nature lovers should not miss 3-meter Saitabat Waterfall. It got its name from the Saitabat pigeons in the area. The waterfall is 12 km from the Uludağ, Bursa. There are water sports that you can enjoy in the Saitabat Waterfall. Make sure to bring your photo camera before you came here.

Cumalıkızık Village: Visit Cumalıkızık and eat a village breakfast. Cumalıkızık is a wonderful Ottoman village known for its cobblestone streets, cute houses, and excellent village breakfasts.

Transportation to Bursa

Bursa is preferred by tourists, city workers, and property buyers due to its proximity to Istanbul with the Osmangazi Bridge. Access to Bursa is very easy and this city has its own airport with many domestic and international flights.

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MUDANYA - BURSA2+1, 3+1, 4+12, 3
BASE PRICE2.222.000 TL
FROM128.800 EUR
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